Get Well Cards Can Brighten Someone’s Day

by Henry L. on April 6, 2011

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While I wouldn’t call myself clumsy, I am probably not the most stable person out there.  A couple of sprained ankles and wrists and a hospital visit here or there can attest to that.  Luckily, I have never had an injury that I couldn’t laugh about after a few days.  This was the case, at least, until last winter.  Let me back track a bit here to set the scenario for what actually happened.  After a few months of being out of work, I finally found myself a great job at a great company.  I was so happy and things really could not be any better.  Then came the ice storm only one month into my new job.  You have to understand that a small patch of ice to someone like me is a recipe for disaster, so when the whole ground was covered by ice, I knew I was in trouble.  I couldn’t stay home, though.  I was only at my job for two weeks and I couldn’t miss a day so soon, especially when the roads looked clear.  I walked slowly down my steps, holding onto the railing for dear life and could you believe it, I actually made it safely to the bottom.  I think this is where my confidence got a little high because on my third step away from the steps, I found myself in the air, horizontal, and falling fast.  The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital with a cast on my right arm.  A few days passed and my work said it was fine and to take my time feeling better, but I couldn’t help being nervous about missing so many days so soon into my new job.  All my fears subsided, however, when I received a packet of get well cards from everyone at my company.  Just knowing that they cared and didn’t forget about the new employee meant the world to me.

I spent a good hour reading through all the messages in my get well cards.  Nothing could have brightened my day any more than this.  People I didn’t even know yet at the company were wishing me well.  The card really gave me the strength to get through the next few days and until I was able to return to work.  The first thing I did when I got back was let everyone know how the company get well cards helped to get me through my injury.   They meant more to me than they could ever understand.

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