Why You Should Send Get Well Cards

by Marco H. on September 3, 2015

When we are feeling sick, it always helps to know that somebody cares.  We can feel helpless, weak, or even powerless. Sending a Get Well card can show friends, family, clients, or co-workers that you care and you wish them well for their recovery.  I remember when my father was ill in the hospital after a stroke.  It saddened him that there weren’t many people were reaching out.  He received a Get Well card from a co-worker and it lifted his spirits immediately. It really meant a lot to him when certain people reached out.  I noticed on days where he had visits or received cards, he would be more willing to do rehabilitation and work towards recovery.

What many people fail to realize is that our mental state can drastically affect our recovery from a physical illness.  When our state of mind is calm, stable, and healthy then that can certainly reflect on our bodies.  When we get congratulated at work for a job well done, it is great recognition that makes us want to work even harder.  When a person receives a Get Well card, it makes them strive to get better and work towards their recovery in a positive way.  A good portion of folks recovering from an illness are most likely feeling sad, down, or a little depressed.  A Get Well card will surely brighten their day!

The next time a loved one is feeling ill, get them a card and wish them well.  You have no idea the positivity and strength you could be giving that person during their struggle.  Giving a friend, family member, or co-worker a Get Well card lets them know that you are with them every step of the way on their journey to recovery!


Maintaining Your Diet at Work

by DeJanais R. on August 31, 2015

The number one way to maintain your diet at work is to start from home. If you eat a full breakfast between 6am and 8am it will hold off hunger for until at least 11am. If your job is a reasonable distance from home, try walking or biking to work. Once you arrive to your work place take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Even if all of the constant moving makes you work up an appetite, have a snack. Having a morning snack like a piece of fruit or healthy snack bar around 11am will decrease your appetite for your afternoon break, ultimately making you eat less at lunchtime. When you take your lunch be sure to eat healthy and light, so that taking your afternoon walk outside of the facility is a breeze.

When you’re taking your walk be sure to open up your lungs by taking deep slow breaths in and out. Another way to maintain your diet at work is to get your coworkers to eat healthy with you so that way you aren’t enticed by the aroma of fast food and wholesome home cooked meals. Encourage others at your office to maintain their diet so that you can partner up with someone and keep your health balanced.


Whether you are sending holiday cards for personal or business you have to think of how many times you thought, “Oh, I have time to get my cards out” then all of a sudden it is mid-December and you haven’t even ordered yet. This year get a head of the mad rush and send Thanksgiving Cards. Thanksgiving cards have been around for over 100 years!  What better time than Thanksgiving to show how grateful you are for friends, family or customers.

Thanksgiving Cards really do Give You a Head Start on the Holiday Season! Honestly, I did not know that anyone sent Thanksgiving greeting cards instead of Christmas cards until I received one from my plumber.  Thinking about it however the idea is a pretty good one. It is unique in the sense that a Thanksgiving greeting card will most likely be the first to be received during the holiday season and it will be displayed the longest. Everybody reads holiday cards to see who sent them so imagine this scenario; you’re a dentist, you send a business Thanksgiving card to a patient, they display it and everyone that sees it says “I’ve been looking for a good dentist, can I have her number?”, well, it could happen.

Remember to always choose high quality cards; remember that this card is speaking volumes about you.


I decided to order a box of the Fine Art Card Assortment Box. I was immediately in love with these cards. They are absolutely breath-taking, premium quality with outstanding craftsmanship. Everything about these cards speak professionalism.

The artsy side of me wanted these cards because of its landscapes portrayals and the famous artists that painted them. The practical side of me, choose these cards to offer a personal, old-fashioned handwritten card that would make the recipient feel truly special. These cards are ideal just to simply display them as artwork in picture frames throughout the home or office. In the absence of an appropriate greeting card, these cards can be substituted as other sentiments, for example, someone that is recovering for an illness – Get Well Soon card, a Sympathy card, a Thank You card, or Thinking of You, etc.

The Fine Art Assortment Box collection offers a distinct kind of elegance that should only be shared for those special occasions or persons. The Fine Art Assortment collection was beyond my expectation. I’ve decided to keep my collection to myself for the time being.


Get Well Cards Let Employees Know You Care

by Mike Anton on August 20, 2015

A Get Well card can mean so much to a person in need.  I remember when my father was very ill, one of the only things that truly lifted his spirits was receiving a Get Well card from his co-workers.  His job was his second home, and his co-workers were like his second family.  These get well wishes meant so much to him that they even made him shed some tears when he opened the card.  This was during the few months he was in the hospital and stuck at home after recovering from a stroke.  For months, my father was unable to spell or perform simple math problems. After receiving support from his co-workers, I could see his spirits were lifted.  He was back at work a few months later and able to perform his daily functions as if nothing ever happened.  I 100% believe the Get Well card and support from his co-workers helped him through the healing process.

We have all struggled with our health at one time or another and we all know how it feels to know someone cares.  I have heard many medical experts say that your mental health can be just as important as your physical health when trying to heal from an illness.  There has even been scientific evidence that an improved mental state can speed up the healing process!  So the next time you hear your co-worker is out of work because they are struggling with an illness, maybe it’s a good idea to send them a card.  It will mean the world to them!


Effective Time Management Tools at Work

by Corey R. on August 17, 2015

It is far too easy to lose track of time throughout the work day. Meetings, conference calls and projects can make an 8-10 hour workday seem like just a few precious minutes. Being able to effectively and skillfully budget your time while at the office or on the go can lead you to not only doing the most productive work of your career, but perhaps that promotion and raise to boot! Here are a few key tips to ensure your time is spent in the best way possible:

Keep a Calendar at Your Desk
Although modern technology can make these ancient time keepers seem obsolete, sometimes all you need is a giant deadline reminder staring you right in the face. A desk calendar is a great tool to keep all the important dates at the forefront of your mind while you’re multitasking away like a pro. A serious tip to keep in mind, however, is to not clutter this calendar with every minute task on your schedule, but use it as a big reminder for the things that are a big deal.

Make a List, Check it Twice
They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but that title actually belongs to a well thought out and executed list. A list of daily, weekly or even monthly tasks is absolutely crucial to proper time management. Knowing what you have to do and more importantly when you have to do it will allow you to designate the appropriate amount of time for each item. Being able to determine the priority of each task is a great tool for time management.

We’ve all been there, completely and utterly frazzled at work. A deadline at 4PM, a meeting at 5:30 and the presentation in front of the boss at 8AM sharp the next morning. Ouch. But have no fear, for those who can learn to focus properly, can tackle all of these tasks with ease. This is no call to action for the weak; however, being able to center yourself at the most crucial of moments takes practice and dedication. Recognizing where you are, how you got there, and most importantly that you understand the importance of the individual task at hand will allow you to take those deep breaths in, release, and take on what lies ahead.

Keep a Balanced Plate
Everyone wants to feel like Superman or Wonder Woman, but sadly none of us are. We are all human, capable of great things, but we must know our limits. Taking time to understand just how much we have going on is another tool in effective time management. Sure, there are times when we must budget seemingly 10 different things at once, but this is not the norm. We are all capable of learning how much we can take on at a time and still get everything done to the best of our capabilities.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Stress can be the biggest downfall when trying to work on an effective time budget. Being able to forget workplace problems and deadlines when relaxing with family and friends is just as crucial and grinding the gears when on the clock. Going into work each day with the right attitude, and leaving with a similar approach, will allow for clear thinking and processing, which directly leads to more efficient and effective time management.


Why You Should Send Environmentally Friendly Cards

by Veronica G. on August 13, 2015

It seems like everywhere we turn we are being asked to reuse and recycle and for a good reason. Everywhere we look there are plastic bottles, shredded paper, and cans. Small changes can make all the difference in the world. It is not just about separating your garbage but think about the different areas that can expand to. For example, the mail we receive is normally printed on one side; why not use the backside as scrap paper? The cans of which we have already occupied its contents can be used for several different things, pencil holders, clip holders, for separating your utensils.

Now, let’s take it a step further and buy items we normally use from companies that take the extra step to make our world more environmentally friendly. In saying that, we normally send birthday cards and greeting cards during the holidays; why not purchase them from The Gallery Collection? Their envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper and even some of their cards as well. The paper that these cards were made from is manufactured at a mill that uses wind-generated, renewable energy. I don’t know about you, but I already feel good about buying my cards from The Gallery Collection.


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Have you ever searched high and low for just the right gift for someone but couldn’t find it?  I think it’s hardest when you have an idea in your mind but can not figure out where to get it.  That’s why a birthday card is always the perfect solution.

You can find a card that is simple and elegant or even just a card that’s blank on the inside and you can write a note that’s personal and from your heart.  After all, isn’t that the message you want to convey on a birthday anyway?  Sometimes you think the perfect gift will say it all, but nothing replaces a note or sentiment that expresses your best wishes to the birthday guy or gal.

I know that I have a shoebox I’ve kept for years with birthday cards in it and every now and then I run across the box and open it and start to read some of them from years ago.  I’m almost certain I can’t say that I can find some of the gifts I received years ago!  Reading a birthday card is such a special way of almost hearing the person who sent it to you wishing you a “Happy Birthday” as if they were standing right in front of you.  If you try hard enough, you can picture them looking for just the right card that reminds them of you.

I have to say that I think birthday cards are just as important as the birthday gifts because no two will be exactly the same.  Oh, you may find the same card and even the same greeting, but the message the sender adds, makes that birthday card one of a kind – just like the person who is receiving it.