Congratulations to Jennifer Soriano on winning the the 8th Annual $10,000 Create A Greeting Card Scholarship Contest!

The competition was fierce with over 13,000 entries submitted, but Jennifer marched to victory by creating a unique and beautifully designed card that enabled her to take home the prize!

This has been one of the most successful Scholarship contests to date!

We will continue our efforts on helping students achieve their goals with the Scholarship program. Please be on the lookout for the 9th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest!

Stay tuned for a blog post Q and A with Jennifer that explores what she did to win the grand prize!


                                    2014 Scholarship Winner


Ways to Monitor and Prevent Workplace Bullying

by Mickey S. on June 22, 2015

Bullying is sometimes not out in the open, but it occurs much more than we think.  Managers and Supervisors should keep their eyes and ears open to make sure employees are treating each other with respect.  Bullying can take place for many reasons and in many cases can be prejudice or racist.  Some of these reasons can include appearance, sexual orientation, sexual preference, political views, religious beliefs, or race.  One good way to monitor how your employees are being treated is to simply talk with them.  Let them know when they are hired to speak up or inform a supervisor if they or someone else in the office is being bullied.  Bullying can be an action of just one employee or a group of employees.

You would think that bullying ends when we leave High School, but it continues on for many folks into their careers and adult lives. If you see someone who has been vulnerable to bullying or verbal abuse, acknowledge them in a positive way.  Maybe sit with them at lunch one day, or start a casual discussion with them on their break.  You’ll never know what a few minutes of positivity could be doing for this person who is currently being mistreated.

The best way to prevent workplace bullying is to constantly enforce respect and kindness within the office.  We all work very hard and dedicate our current lives to our careers. Everyone deserves the same courtesy as you would expect to receive yourself and we should consistently remind our employees and co-workers of this.


Should You Get Your Boss a Birthday Gift?

by Paula M. on June 18, 2015

I have been working for over 40 years and I have never given my boss a birthday gift nor was I ever asked to chip in for a birthday gift for any boss nor did I ever witness anyone giving their boss a birthday gift!  There are many phrases that describe giving gifts to your boss but I will keep this clean and you can use your own imagination. I really do not think a boss should accept a gift from an employee unless it is a group which includes everyone on the team and it is a special occasion like retirement or promotion.

I am not anti-boss or cheap in any way but it is a bad precedence to set and once you start how will you stop if need be?  What if he already has what you gave him? What if he hates what you gave him? What if you insulted him with your gift?  What if he decides he is paying you too much?  What if he thinks he has to reciprocate with all of you? Yikes!

What I think is appropriate would be a humorous, light hearted Birthday card signed by all; no inside jokes or off color humor-just “Happy Birthday Boss and Many More” then sign your name. Don’t add any closing greeting like” Love” or “See ya later”.


What distinguishes a great company from a good company? One that remembers to wish its employees a happy birthday! It may seem like such a simple gesture but wishing your employees a happy birthday with a birthday card will show that your company truly cares about its employees. Here are a few picks that will show your employees how much you appreciate them:

The Stars and Streamers Birthday Card on cream matte stock features a dazzling array of gold foil stars and decorative streamers on the front surrounding a beautiful blue gift box. A die-cut box completes the attractive look of the card by featuring your company name in gold.

For coworkers, the Birthday Gathering Card would be an especially great card for department coworkers or the whole office employees. This charming design features cartoon characters as coworkers with the warm message, “Happy birthday from all of us!” There is also an elderly gentleman with a red bowtie waving from a yellow cake with pink icing that says “Celebrate!” The happy message of the card will surely make your employees and coworkers smile.

Another great birthday celebration card for employees is the Party Birds Birthday Card. Wish your colleagues a happy birthday from everyone through this amazingly detailed and colorful birthday card featuring birds with party hats and detailed tail feathers. This card is another fun and memorable card that will impress your colleagues.

The Happy Birthday Glow Card features “Happy Birthday” as beautifully embossed letters. The “Happy Birthday” letters look like birthday candles amongst the decorative detail, such as the embossed, colorful stars. Once again, this card is perfect for companies because of the die-cut window on the front that attractively displays either your company name in gold or a personalized message.

Finally, the Birthday Starburst Card on white matte stock is a simple but truly attractive birthday card featuring a large blue balloon with silver iridescent stars sparkling. Variegated foil in shades of blue and silver sparkle while tiny silver embossed stars surround the blue balloon, creating depth. This card is another “don’t miss” birthday card that would be perfect for your employees.


Why You Should Send Business Photo Cards

by Mike Anton on June 11, 2015

Looking to add that personal touch to your business greeting cards?  Why not add a photo?

Sending a business photo card looks professional but it is also very convenient and an easy process to create.  One popular idea is to take a photo of your staff to put on the card so you can send it to clients, customers, and businesses around the country.  I feel many businesses who receive your card may have possibly never met most or any of your staff in person.  It is a nice thing to finally be able to put faces to the voices they hear all year round while negotiating, setting up contracts, and communicating over the phone.

If you are a small and family oriented business, you can take a nice holiday photo of your family to include on the card.  You could also include a nice photo from your family vacation over the summer.  This adds a really great personal and intimate touch to your greeting card that many others may not have.  You could also include a picture on your card that doesn’t feature anybody at all.  Maybe it was a beautiful photo you took down at the beach over the summer, or a nice shot you caught of a family of deer while you were camping in the mountains last winter.

It’s always a nice idea to write your own greeting.  But as everyone always says, a picture can speak a thousand words!


All Purpose Cards Are There For Any Occasion

by Karla B. on June 8, 2015

Keeping all purpose cards on hand is always a great idea.  These cards can be used at a moment’s notice for whatever the occasion brings.  Sometimes all a person needs is the simplicity and warmth of a card to let them know they matter.  In good times and bad, all purpose cards will make an impact on the recipient.

All purpose cards can result in changing the mood or enhancing the energy of another person.  The employee who just found out her father is sick can find comfort in the Sunny Hopes and Well Wishes card.  The co-worker who just purchased a brand new house can relish in the Contemporary Congratulations card.  The Garden Path Painting Greeting card is perfect to inspire a friend who may be at a crossroads in life.  Cards are a form of expression that someone can look back at and be reminded that they are not experiencing life alone.

All purpose cards are there for any occasion with always a single purpose:  to make a person feel connected to another.  I know whether I am feeling alone and sad or happy and excited, it is always nice to know that there is someone else sympathizing or relishing in my feelings.  I want the people in my life to feel special which is why I make sure I always take full advantage of all purpose cards.


You know what I love about birthdays?? All that food! The cakes, the cupcakes, the brownies…ALL THE SWEETS! It’s the greatest. But there’s something even better than that. How could something be better than food you ask? Well it is possibly my friends. Yup, it’s receiving your favorite goodies on a birthday card!

Think I’m lying? Check out these 5 birthday cards from The Gallery Collection that are sure to make you say “Yummy”.

1)    Happy Birthday to You! Card [Design # 57PJE]
This birthday card is sure to highly please your senses, especially to taste! Perfect for the ladies in your office this card offers wonderful pink, purple & green colors to ensure to make someone’s birthday very special.

2)    Happy Birthday! Card [Design # 50QJE]
With this birthday card perfect for either male or female co-workers, it’s a great way to celebrate their birthday…with a little help from chocolate birthday cake.

3)    Six Layers of Fun Birthday Card [Design # 58PJR]
What happens when a birthday celebration meets Alice in Wonderland? You end up with this fun birthday card design! Who doesn’t love a birthday cake inspired by a Disney movie?

4)    Cupcake Trio Birthday Card [Design # 55PJE]
My personal favorite birthday card! This adorable birthday card is perfect to give to your fellow co-worker. A great way to add a cherry on top of a fantastic birthday festivity for your employee.

5)    Sweet Birthday Card [Design # 52PJR]
And last but definitely not least, this delightful & lovely birthday card. Simple but sweet, it gets right to the point: Wishing you a happy birthday!

With all these pleasant & enjoyable birthday cards to choose from, it makes you start to wonder if it’s ok to always skip dinner & go right to dessert!


How to Dress for Job Interview Success

by Macy L. on June 1, 2015

It’s the night before the big interview and the last thing you want to think about is outfit coordination for the big day. I hear you. Before you play closet Russian roulette and pull out an outdated vintage suit, (unless that’s your style!) here are a few tips to simplify the guesswork out of perfecting the right outfit for job interview success.

First, ask yourself three “Goldilocks”-type questions:

1. Is this [shirt/suit/pants/dress/ shoes] too big? Don’t wear it.
2. Is this [shirt/suit/pants/dress/ shoes] too small? Don’t wear it.
3. Is the fit just right? Meaning nothing is overly baggy, stretched out, or cutting off blood circulation?

Good. We are one step closer to finding a successful job interview attire from your closet.

This may seem obvious but the comfort and fit of your clothes is important while interviewing because wearing a fitted outfit will not only look better but make you feel more at ease in the interview. If all you can think about is how tight your shoes feel or how long your pants are, you might seem distracted during the interview.

1. If you don’t already have one, consider investing in a neutral-colored suit, in black, grey or beige. Pin-stripes are acceptable as long as the lines are small and not distracting.
2. If you wear a patterned-suit, then wear a solid-colored shirt/blouse on the inside. The opposite holds true as well: if you have a solid-colored suit, you have the option to wear a pattern-colored shirt/blouse on the inside. The rule is, just don’t mix patterns with patterns. They can clash and look too distracting.

Dress Shirts
1.  Always have a few presentable dress shirts in the right size. Stick with a few solid colors, like blue or white for safety. If you like more adventurous colors, try a light color like light lavender, which is modern and universally flattering. As long as the color is not too flashy or distracting, it should be fine.
2. Take the extra 5 minutes to iron out any wrinkles. Shirts with crisp collars look neat, tidy, and professional compared to a shirt just pulled out of the dryer.
3. Flatly tuck in your dress shirt/blouse to your pants or skirt to avoid bunching up the shirt.

1. If you are wearing a suit jacket, make sure the pant color matches the suit exactly.
2. Iron out all the wrinkles.
3. For ladies, make sure the skirt hits around the knee for the perfect length.

Stick with neutral colors, like brown or black for a professional interview. For ladies, heels are acceptable but sticking with a flatter heel will provide for more comfort.

Remember, you can still customize your job interview outfit to personalize yourself but make sure to pick clothes that give you the best comfort and confidence. Don’t wear clothes that will distract you or the interviewer from the job interview process so you can focus on acing that interview.
Finally, make sure all your shoes laces are tied and all buttons are buttoned up.  Good luck with your interview!


Why You Should Send Personal Photo Cards

by Shareen K. on May 28, 2015

Before I started a family, I admit that I rarely sent out Christmas cards. I loved receiving them though.  Once I was married and my two children were born, I could not wait to start choosing a holiday card to send out. Personal photo cards became my cards of choice. I think there are many reasons why personalized photo cards are a wonderful idea.

My husband and I both come from large families with many relatives living out of state.  Because of the distance between us, we don’t get a chance to get together often. We don’t get the chance to see each others’ children grow up and they grow up too quickly. We wind up missing so many milestones.  Sending and receiving personal photo cards lets us see our families and friend’s families’ growing up. It really helps to keep us all in touch with each other and make us feel like we are right there with them.  I hang the photo cards that we receive up on a door so I can see them all year long.

Besides adding pictures to personalized photo cards, you can also customize the wording as well. While most of our relatives celebrate Christmas, we have some that celebrate Hanukkah. I like to be able to make sure that I send holiday wishes for any holiday that they may celebrate. This helps to ensure that no one is offended. I often prefer to customize my photo cards by wishing everyone a Happy Everything.

One of the things I look forward to the most regarding the holiday season is receiving personal photo cards. Knowing that we are in each other’s thoughts makes the holiday feel really special. I have already chosen the design that I will be sending out to those I love and I can’t wait to see who is thinking of us too.  I really recommend sending out personalized photo cards. This is the time of year that we all want to feel close to loved ones. This holiday I recommend sending out your personal holiday card and let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them.


Assortment Boxes of Cards – The Life Saver

by Deborah P. on May 25, 2015

I love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the little holidays in between. I’m definitely the person in the office who will bring in cupcakes to welcome someone new or to say farewell to someone who is retiring. One of my favorite parts of the celebration is picking the perfect card to accompany the festivities. I know a card seems small next to a tray of cupcakes, but the card is the part that people can keep as a memory after the party.  The only problem is trying to get out to the shops, often at the last minute, scrambling to find just the right card for a variety of occasions. Well, that was the problem, until I came across The Gallery Collection’s Assortment Boxes of cards – The Life Saver!

The assortment boxes allow me to keep an array of cards handy for a variety of occasions. So every time someone has a birthday or an anniversary I already have a beautiful card at my desk that just needs signing! It has definitely made my mornings less stressful. The great thing about these assortment boxes is that they contain a great selection. You can get a Birthday box with different types of cards, some perfect for your best friend but also some that are a bit more serious so you can also commemorate your boss’s birthday. My favorites are the All Occasion boxes because I’m covered for everything. They include cards for anniversaries, when congratulations are in order, and even for more somber occasions when a sympathy or get well card can really make a co-worker feel like they have people who are thinking about them in difficult times.