How to Choose Birthday Cards for Business

by Marco H. on April 2, 2015

Like most entrepreneurs, I didn’t have money for anything extra when I started out. It was all I could do to pay bills, make payroll, keep my building lit and powered and so on. When the little league came around I had to cry poor when asked to sponsor a team, even though my own kids played. I’d stay late sometimes to clean the office, and my wife worked on the books part time for free. No WB Mason for me, I had to look for deals and do my own purchasing, even for office coffee!


There was a lot to learn, but some things you shouldn’t even have to think about. The way you treat your employees says a lot about you, and no matter what business you’re in, I believe it has everything to do with your ultimate success or failure. Little things matter. Like remembering birthdays and giving out birthday cards. Even when your company gets bigger, as mine has, it doesn’t have to be a chore. I use internet sites like the Gallery Collection. There’s an endless variety and they always look great. I’ve given Birthday Cards from day 1 and it never ceases to amaze me how much the workers appreciate it. And the free coffee, that always goes over big! I do it because I care about them, but I’m convinced it results in better productivity too.

Now that we’re over the hump and I can do more, I still remember how important the little things are.


How to Eat Healthy At Work

by Carver C. on March 30, 2015

Let’s face it, eating healthy at work is not fun or easy. The bottom line is that work equals stress, and for most of us, stress equals eating (usually unhealthily). Being able to manage your diet at work is a key tool that will allow you to maximize productivity on the job while also feeling good about yourself. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but dedicating the time and energy to be able to consistently make the right food and exercise choices, especially while working a grueling schedule, can seem like a daunting task. Here is a list of five easy and healthy choices to make while at the office rather than daydreaming of donuts and other delicious treats.


Pack Your Lunch
Packing a nutritious lunch is a key tool in being able to resist temptation to reach for that bag of potato chips from the vending machine or the pasta primavera from the cafeteria. Bringing lean meats, whole wheat breads as well as nuts and water instead of those greasy alternatives will not only make you feel better about your choices, but give you sustained energy when that “2:30 feeling” rolls around.

Avoid the Vending Machine!
The vending machine is for lack of a better term, your mortal enemy at work. This big box of horrors is most always filled with salty and chocolaty snacks that will ruin your diet and leave you feeling bad just minutes after that wrapper hits the trash can. Try alternatives such as celery and peanut butter, apple slices, almonds and raisins to replace those waist-busting treats.

Take a Walk during Lunch
Ah, our cherished lunch break. Our time to relax, unwind….and continue to sit. This is the completely wrong idea for most people who are looking to maximize their day. After you eat (a healthy and satisfying meal of course) try taking the second half of your break outside and get moving! Even just a 20 minute walk at a moderate pace can get your blood pumping and release crucial endorphins that will uplift your mood for the second half of the daily grind. Instead of sticking your nose in your neighbor’s business or reading about which celebrity said this and that, make your lunch break a productive one!

Stay Hydrated
Water, unlike the vending machine, is your best friend while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having a glass of water handy at your desk will not only keep you hydrated, but keep you feeling fuller throughout the day. Instead of snacking, drinking a few 8oz glasses a day is an essential tool to looking and feeling great. Replace those sugary drinks and carbonated beverages with a good ol’ glass of h2o.

Stick Together
There isn’t an easier way to stick to a healthy diet at work than having a buddy who wants to keep healthy with you. Sticking together while the rest of the office is digging into some birthday cake for the third time this month will help to ease the pain as you watch those empty calories go to waste. This teamwork can often lead to a workout partner (another essential tool in living a healthy and active lifestyle) so team up, and everyone wins!


Corporate Greeting Cards Can Mean Big Business

by Caden G. on March 26, 2015

A corporate greeting card can be an important business tool, especially during the holiday season. Adding a personal touch to a business or institution by sending an elegantly crafted card can help separate your business from the pack. It is far too easy to blend in with the crowd in today’s fast-paced world of industry and commerce, but a thoughtful card can make a big difference in this case.

business handshake

Not only is a corporate greeting card a tool for growth, it is also a tool for creating and maintaining business relationships. Choosing a card that both represents your business, as well as the person or company receiving it, will make your message even stronger.

There is even a way to implement something truly unique by sending a corporate holiday invitation to help keep the spirit alive and well during this important time of year.

Making sure your business maintains close relationships with consumers, partners or even family and friends is an extremely beneficial business strategy. Greeting cards than send a warm and positive message can be a powerful and effective way to get this message across. From birthdays to holidays, and everything in between, there is certainly a card to fit whatever occasion with the Gallery Collection’s extensive selection.


Employee Birthday Cards Lift Office Spirits

by Karla B. on March 23, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I know when I hear those words or receive a card my initial reaction is a big smile.  Most people expect that yearly card from their moms, kids, other family members.  But sometimes it’s the little gesture from an unexpected source that makes that big smile into a huge smile coming straight from the heart.  Employee birthday cards are just the thing to bring on this feeling.

bday photo

Giving employee birthday cards will lift the spirit and make the employee feel valued and special.  Last year, my supervisor gave me a birthday card and I was shocked.  The feeling of warmth made me feel joy the entire day.  This is an easy way to make me know that the company I work for doesn’t just care about the productivity I am generating, but that the company cares about me as an individual.

Employee birthday cards can change a person’s attitude for the better.  A simple card shows that you are sincerely appreciated for all that you do.  Knowing that you matter to your boss leaves you with an uplifting feeling.  If the employee feels honored by the acknowledgement, he or she will want to do whatever necessary to make the business successful.  Celebrating an employee’s birthday with a card is a simple way to lift his or her spirits and create a successful work environment.


You can plan ahead for birthdays and anniversaries but you never know when you’ll need a Get Well card for a sick friend, a co-worker or a relative.  I’ve found that keeping a Get Well Assortment Box on hand gives me peace of mind and saves me from having to run out to get a card unexpectedly.  It’s nice to have a choice of card designs and different greetings for all different situations – a bit under the weather, a serious sickness or recovering from a surgical procedure.

3-20-2015 1-13-27 PM

A good Assortment Box will have designs suitable for both men and women and even a few cards that are totally blank so you can write whatever’s appropriate at the time.  I’ve used several types of The Gallery Collection’s assortment boxes for the past few years and am more than happy with both the card quality and variety in each box.  Their Get Well Assortment Box can’t be beat for convenience and the cards are definitely a better value than individual store-bought cards.

The self-sealing envelopes are a great feature and the cards and envelopes stay clean, organized and handy in a colorful, sturdy box.  Don’t you hate when you end up with the perfect, beautiful card and … the wrong envelope?  You can avoid that by keeping a Get Well Assortment Box on hand.  It will make your life a little easier and always let others know you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The Gallery Collection!

by Joe Goldstein on March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day


Managing Grief in the Workplace

by Carolannn A. on March 16, 2015

Dealing with a tragic loss of a loved one, or another sorrowing life event, is something we all must unfortunately deal with. To couple this with trying to manage our everyday activities, including returning to the workplace, can be very difficult. Being able to separate your feelings about this event in your life and maintain focus while on the job is something that although challenging, can be a useful tool in coping. The workplace can offer comfort, structure, as well as a solid support network of coworkers and advisors that will be there in your time of need.


Grief management ultimately boils down to the individual. We all deal with adversity differently, and we all require different things in doing so. Some people like to talk about it, get it out in the open while venting their emotions to those close to them. Others like to take a “business as usual” approach, using the workplace as a return to normalcy. Developing a functional and understanding relationship with coworkers can really improve the quality of grief management, the more you know someone who is dealing with a tragic life event, the better.

Another key factor in grief management is the type of work environment. Traditional office settings can be a huge benefit to those dealing with adversity, as close relationships are often formed over time, sometimes even resembling a second family. Feeling the closeness of an office support network can make the time spent at the workplace easier and less emotionally taxing, especially if everyone around knows what has happened. Being able to relate and share emotional moments with coworkers is a powerful resource, environment permitting. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced society, sometimes the workplace does not allow for this sense of community to occur, and it must be dealt with accordingly. Time off or even just an extended break here or there, as necessary, can go a long way if someone truly needs it.

Honesty with yourself is of the utmost importance during these trying times. Knowing what you can and cannot handle at any given moment is crucial during the grief management process. Important deadlines and projects ultimately must still be completed, but sometimes they can be too much to handle during this process. Acknowledging and being true to how you are feeling will allow you to take on, or not, the appropriate amount of work and interaction.

Overall, grief management is a tricky and unfortunate part of being in the working world. Life goes on in and outside of the workplace, and trying to buckle down during trying times can be very difficult. An understanding of your particular workplace as well as the relationships with your coworkers are important tools in dealing with these circumstances effectively and appropriately. Taking some time off can also be a necessary outlet for grief management or even some extra breaks throughout the day. The most important part, however, is knowing yourself and how you personally handle these types of delicate situations.


Congratulations to the winners from the Tenth Round of voting in the Gallery Collection Scholarship Contest!

10 Designs moved on to the Final round as a result of them finishing in the top 10 in voting, plus, our scholarship team also used our 1 save available to us on the entry submitted by Janel Traver. A beautiful submission featuring three birds sitting on a holly branch.

Check out the top 10 vote getters and the saved design that are moving onto the finalist round in the gallery below. The final round of voting officially kicks off on Wednesday, March 18th and will include all of the top 10 vote getters form the previous rounds as well as all of the saved designs.


Have you heard the saying – “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will”?  I think that says it all-customer retention is so important, it keeps a business thriving-sounds like a no brainer but many times over looked because we are so busy doing other things.

Let's Celebrate! Birthday Card

Sending Business Birthday cards is a smart way to keep one step ahead of the competition. In these hard economic times, sending a card is a cost effective way to let your customers know you are still in business and that you still appreciate their loyalty.  Business relationships are more than just emails and phone calls, people appreciate the thoughtfulness of a genuine greeting card that has been personalized and mailed to them.  You can be sure when your customer has a need, you will be the first company they think of.

Here are some great phrases to write on the inside of the card:

“We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and we look forward to providing you with the best possible service into the future.”

‘’Our sincere thanks for your valued business. We appreciate having you as our customer and look forward to serving you again. “

“Thanks for placing your trust in us.”

Don’t forget the HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
These phrases work just as well in your Business Holiday cards; you are sending them, right?


If you are a company or business that doesn’t already practice sending birthday cards, what are you waiting for? Sending birthday cards is a great practice that shows a lot of individual thought towards your clients and employees.

“But I already send out personalized holiday cards! Why do I have to send out cards on birthdays?”

Holiday cards are great during the holiday season to show your appreciation and care towards your clients and employees but people know they are sent in mass towards everyone on your mailing list. Birthday cards on the other hand, make individuals feel like you are remembering only them on their special day. This specific attention can make all the difference in securing a new client, increasing business or having your employees give 120% instead of 100% effort because they feel valued.

Remember, your main purpose is to have people associate good sentiment with your company. To do so, you need to personalize the front of your cards with your business name so people will always see your company name without having to open the card.

At the Gallery Collection, there are two types of front card personalization that you can choose. They are Die-Cut Birthday Cards and Editable Text Birthday Cards. We are going to highlight the differences between the two types of cards so you can choose the perfect card that will suit your company’s needs.

Die-Cut Birthday Cards
Special Features: A rectangular “window”-cut shows your custom imprint from the inside layer. Use Die-Cut Birthday Cards to prominently feature your company name on a maximum of two lines.
Example: Stars and Streamers

Stars and Streamers Birthday Card
Die-cut birthday cards are memorable because they use a rectangular box cut on the front flap so that the text underneath (your business name) displays through. The result is a cool effect that can look professional or fun, depending on the card design you choose.

If you decide upon on a die-cut birthday card for your company, we recommend choosing a “FOIL” color – gold or silver, for your imprint text so that your company name will stand out even more beautifully in the die-cut box.


Editable Text Birthday Cards
Special Features: Printed text personalization on the front: pick your own color, font, size, alignment.
Example: From All of Us Birthday Card

From All of Us Birthday Card

Editable text birthday cards are another kind of front card personalization that can make your company name stand out. Unlike the Die-Cut Birthday Cards, Editable Text Birthday Cards do not feature a cut-out box. However, Editable Text Birthday Cards are special because the font type, color, size, and text alignment are customizable on the front of the card. All of the editing can be done and previewed online when you choose an editable text birthday card from the Gallery Collection website.

In addition, you can also customize the inside imprint of editable text birthday cards. Therefore, editable text birthday cards give you a lot of flexibility into personalizing the card to fit you and your company’s image.

With this new information, hopefully you can find the card that fits exactly your company or business’ needs. Whether you choose a die-cut birthday card or an editable text birthday card, both types of cards will surely make a great professional impression.