Thank You Cards for a Job Well Done

by Priscilla G. on February 23, 2015

It has been said that the best way to let an employee know they are doing a great job is by verbally saying such. I have found that words can easily be forgotten just as quickly as they come from your mouth. What better way can you create a memorable “JOB WELL DONE” than in the form of a THANK YOU CARD?

Peacock Thank You Card

In the workplace today, there are hundreds of thousands of employees all competing for the “star” title. It can be difficult to thank every employee verbally as well as individually. Using a THANK YOU CARD will not only say thanks; it can be a way to boost employee moral as well! Words can be forgotten, but that feeling of pride an employee feels from the acknowledgment of a job well done and physical THANK YOU CARD is priceless. It’s a memory that will be long lasting. And that, my friend, is how you create hardworking, loyal employees!

Being noticed for a job well done boosts pride in employees and this in turn creates a reason for repeat behavior. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a company full of employees all doing a great job, just because they know the hard work will indeed be noticed and acknowledged?

Consider it a “Circle of WORK life”! Employees giving great service > excited, repeat customers > increased revenue >thank you card (REPEAT)

Have you sent a THANK YOU CARD today?


Congratulations to the winners from the Ninth Round of voting in the Gallery Collection Scholarship Contest!

10 Designs moved on to the Final round as a result of them finishing in the top 10 in voting, plus, our scholarship team also used our 1 save available to us on the entry submitted by Remi Haria, a beautifully drawn snow globe that perfectly gives off the holiday vibes.

Check out the top 10 vote getters and the saved design that are moving onto the finalist round in the gallery below. The final round of voting officially kicks off on Wednesday, March 18th and will include all of the top 10 vote getters form the previous rounds as well as all of the saved designs.


Quick Exercises You Can Do At Work

by DeJanais R. on February 19, 2015

Simply sitting at a desk all day shouldn’t be a reason to lose yourself, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Exercise plays a part in everyone’s life, just in different ways. So here are some quick Exercises You Can Do at Work.


The following exercise is best for sitting; Calf crunches, at your desk place your legs hip width apart and simply tip toe for 3 seconds, then release, placing your foot flat on the floor for 3 seconds. After doing 3 second intervals 10 times, you then decrease your count to 2 seconds up and down 20 times. Finally, your last set you will be tip toeing for 1 second both up and down 30 times.

Another quick Exercise You Can Do at Work is to walk on your break. Take a walk around your facility instead of having a seat in the break room. This will keep your metabolism going and may deter you from eating such a heavy lunch. Once you get comfortable with your walk, time yourself. Each day try your best to beat your last time. Here’s another tip for preventing additional weight gain while working behind that desk.

If you are sure to eat a complete breakfast between 6:00am and 8:00am you can hold off hunger for until at least 11:00am. Having a morning snack like a piece of fruit or healthy snack bar around that time will decrease your appetite for your 12:30pm break; ultimately you’ll eat less at lunch.


Why You Should Send Employee Birthday Cards

by Maggie T. on February 16, 2015

I have been in business for 14 years now, and have noticed that bigger companies have forgotten how to appreciate their employees. I take great pride in treating my employees as friends, maybe even extended family. Although I am a smaller company with 50-60 employees, I still feel it is imperative that I send Employee Birthday Cards every month to those who are celebrating. Most of my employees have been with me since I opened my doors, and I would like to keep them around until the day my doors close.

Vivid Birthday Celebration Card

Sending a birthday card, or any other card for that matter, keeps the moral upbeat. I add my own little message to each and every card I send. I want to show my employees just how much they mean to me and that without them, my company would not be where it is today. I have seen what a simple gesture means to people, no matter how big or small. If bigger companies sent birthday cards or notes of acknowledgement to their employees, I think their company’s productivity would increase as well as their staff’s loyalty.  Any type of recognition by an employer is always appreciated. It shouldn’t matter how big or small the company is.


     Growing up in my household, my mother explained to me that a card was the most important part to any gift.  She always used to tell my brother and I that “It’s ok if you can’t afford a gift, but at least make or buy me a card.”  Through the years, greeting cards have become an important yet convenient way to express our feelings during the holidays or during a special occasion.  In many ways, a card can represent how you are as an individual.


     If you have your own business, greeting cards are a perfect way to add a personal touch in the corporate world.  Sending a card to customers, clients, or co-workers immediately leaves a positive impression.  It shows that you are thoughtful and that you appreciate their business or time.

     As a boss or manager, a card can be a wonderful option to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work.  You can use greeting cards as great recognition around the holidays, on an employee’s birthday, or even to congratulate them on a big event in their life.  As an employee, a card can be a great way to show your boss or managers that you appreciate their assistance and guidance.  Maybe there is a holiday that one of your employees celebrates, but no one else shares this holiday in the office.  A card is a great way to show this employee that you acknowledge and respect their beliefs.

     Cards are always a good idea to send to customers or clients as well.  In the corporate world, a card is the perfect way to remind customers or clients that you haven’t forgotten about them.  It may even bring some of them back in the near future to help you close that future sale or business contract.  My dentist always sends me a birthday card every year and I always appreciate it.  It always reminds me that I need to go for a cleaning soon as well.  They are being thoughtful, but also helping bring business in.

     A card can show those in the corporate world your overall lifestyle and personality.  What colors did you pick out for your card?  How long is the greeting inside?  How personal is the greeting inside?  Did the person write their own message? What type of theme does the card have? These can all reflect the type of person that people see day to day in the work place. If you are sending cards to customers or clients, always remember that a card can reflect your entire business.


Why You Should Have a Birthday Card Assortment Box

by Mario F. on February 9, 2015

     Sometimes we can forget the birthday of a friend, loved one, or co-worker. When birthdays come up suddenly, it can be stressful trying to find the time to make a trip to the store, pick out the right card, or thinking of a message to write. The Gallery Collection solves all of these problems with one simple solution, The Birthday Card Assortment Box!  The wonderful thing about the Birthday Card Assortment Boxes is that there are 3 different options available on the website to provide you with the ultimate birthday assortment ready to go at any time!

Birthday Card Assortment Box 1 - Item 755PZ

     If you own a business with multiple employees, the Birthday Card Assortment Box is a perfect thing to have on hand when one their birthdays come up.  A birthday card can show an employee that you care and appreciate their hard work. The assortment box isn’t only nice to have on standby for your employees, but for your clients and customers as well! When you send a customer a birthday card, you are not only acknowledging a special day in their life.  You are also showing them that you appreciate their business!

     I have 3 birthdays in my family on the same day of the year.  Having an assortment box on hand saves me so much time, money, and stress.  The pre-selected greetings included on many of the designs are appropriate for anyone (co-workers, friends, or family).  Sign your name and you are ready to go!


Appreciate Your Employees with Anniversary Cards

by Blake C. on February 5, 2015

     Who doesn’t like being praised? It is human nature to feel the need to know that what we do matters. When we are children we look to our parents for praise that we’re doing things as they should be done and as we get older we get the feedback from teachers and coaches. Once in the work field it is easy to forget to praise employees and in my opinion that is very important for the morale of the company. We should be appreciating our employees when they do their job well and go above and beyond. Even more we should show them that appreciation on their anniversary with the company. There is no better way to show the employee that you care then with a wonderful anniversary card.

Colorful Ribbon Anniversary Card - Design H4RAY Colorful Ribbon Anniversary Card – Design H4RAY


     Such a simple yet wonderful gesture to show that what they do and their role in the company matters. Anniversaries are special no matter the occasion and in this day in age not a whole lot of companies are seeing that as an opportunity to give their employee acknowledgement. With a beautiful card we can help boost the morale of the company and show someone that you remembered. Most times it’s the small things a person does that others appreciate most.

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Tips for Good Business Email Etiquette

by Mickey S. on February 2, 2015

When sending an email from work, you want to come off professional, clear, and polite.  One of the most important things to remember is to always include a subject title.  This can simplify what your email is regarding and will mentally prepare the recipient for the body of your email.  A majority of the time, your email should be fairly short and to the point.  If you put too much information in your email, it’s possible that the recipient will read over important details that you’ve included.


Your language throughout the email is very important.  Slang or office jargon is not appropriate to use in business emails.  Profanity is also not acceptable in any scenario.  Employees often catch themselves using acronyms that are used within the company.  You should try to refrain from doing so, as this may confuse the customer or client.

A signature at the end of your email is also a great idea.  This could include your name, company, position, and any contact information such as your phone number and email address.  If you are computer savvy and wish to be more creative, you can also edit the font, text size, or add a small design.  This may include your business logo as well.

Polite examples to open your email include “Dear Customer”, “Greetings”, or even a simple “Hello”.  Polite ways of closing your email include “Thank you” or “Best Regards”.  While you can be creative with your signature, the font and text size in the body of your email should be readable. Once again, you want the recipient to process all of the important details you are passing along.


Why You Should Buy Birthday Cards In Bulk

by Evangeline R. on January 29, 2015

It’s Thursday evening and you’ve just come home from work, tired and ready to relax. You finally sit down and then all of a sudden ‘SHOOT!’ and it hits you like a ton of bricks, you forgot all about your friend’s birthday party the next night. The last thing you want to do is run out to the store and pick out a card when you just spent all day at the office. Well, if you buy birthday cards in bulk, this will never happen to you again. Here are a few more reasons to make sure you stock up on those all-important cake day cards.

Festive Circles Birthday Card - Design 57NJR Festive Circles Birthday Card – Design 57NJR


Save Money!

Let’s face it, none of us are made of money. Saving anywhere you can is always a plus, especially when it comes to buying in bulk. Buying one box of birthday cards can last you all throughout the year, for every friend and family member. And unlike a lot of those bulk items at the warehouse stores, you will actually use all of them!

Save Time

Bulk birthday card purchases also save you the hassle of having to remember each and every occasion. We’re all busy, we all forget someone’s birthday along the line, and it’s human. But now, the cards will already be there, ready to be signed, sealed and delivered. Do your wallet, and your blood pressure, a favor; stock up on some cards and never miss another birthday!

Impress Your Friends & Family

How many times have you been in the store deciding between five different cards to give to someone special on their birthday? The answer is probably way more than you or I would like to admit. When you buy cards in bulk, you’ll get a variety of the best cards available, able to suit whoever the card is for. They can be anywhere from funny to professional, fitting the needs of everyone in your life. Not only will you have just the right card, but you’ll never have that greeting-card-isle-drama again!

It’s Simply Easier

Birthdays are important and special occasions for all of the people in your life. Everyone looks forward to getting cards from friends and family that not only show they care, but have that personal touch as well. Having these cards ready will allow for the proper preparation and message to be sent on that special day, while relieving the stress of last-minute shopping, or even forgetting every once in a while.


Business Birthday Cards for your Boss

by Marco H. on January 26, 2015

Everybody wants to be noticed by their boss, whether they admit it or not. And I’ve seen and tried a lot of variations on this theme. One of my ideas was to buy a box of business Birthday Cards from an online site and give them out to my boss and the other managers over my head. It seems to be going pretty well, I think, they all seem to like it. Though I haven’t seen anything tangible yet in the way of a raise or promotion. I’ll need another box pretty soon.

The Birthday Bunch Greeting Card - Design H6FAE The Birthday Bunch Greeting Card – Design H6FAE


Yes I get the odd comment about being a suck up (and worse) but let’s face it, they’re mostly just feeling stupid they didn’t think of it! At least it’s an honest, right out there attempt at attention grabbing. Unlike some people, who think dishonesty is the way to go. So many people think you get ahead by pulling other coworkers back, trying to make yourself look good by making others look bad. I wish we’d all get what we deserve and sometimes we do. But then there’s the Teflon people, nothing ever sticks to them. I sometimes think they’re the ones getting ahead. Too bad for me, I just can’t stoop that low. Or maybe good for me? Not sure…

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