Sending holiday cards pronouncing “Merry Christmas” or “Season’s Greetings” has become the norm for most businesses.  It is important to create a relationship with clients or customers by remembering them during the crazy holiday season and making them feel a special warmth.  But why not take the opportunity to be a more original and really stand out from the crowd? Sending New Year’s Cards will definitely make your business unique.

Your company can take a break from the tradition by sending New Year’s Cards wishing people the hope for a healthy and prosperous New Year.  These cards can be mailed out any time before January 15 which means that they will not have necessarily be received with the tons of other cards companies are mailing.  This will allow your company the unique advantage of standing out.  Another plus to mailing New Year’s Cards is that no matter what the recipient’s faith, this card will be appreciated.  You will not take the chance of offending anyone.

Sending New Year’s Cards can make your company unique because you will not just be another holiday card.  Your card will not display the typical snowman, tree, etc. but will instead, have a fun lighthearted theme sure to be remembered.  It will ease the hustle and bustle of the season because you can mail them after the rush.  Don’t let your business greeting be lost in the shuffle!  Have your New Year’s themed cards delivered after the rush.


Fire Tragedy Christmas Wish

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When we think of the Holidays and Christmas, we often think of happy times spent with family and loved ones. We think of wonderful presents and enjoying delicious homemade food. There are so many things to be grateful for during the holiday season. Unfortunately, not everyone’s Holiday season is as bright as it should be.


Sa’fyre Terry’s world was turned upside down on May 2nd 2013 when she lost her family in a terrible fire which left her severely burned. Her father who was killed in the fire, was told to be protecting her from the flames on that fateful day.

Sa’fyre was 5 years old at the time of the fire. Now 8 years old, she has undergone over 50 surgeries and still has a long road of recovery ahead. Although she’s suffered so much at such a young age, Sa’fyre is still said to wake up every morning with a smile on her face. She has been strong during this tough time. Sa’fyre is an inspirational symbol of strength we can all admire. This year, her sole Christmas wish is to receive cards from all around the world. Out of all of the things in the world, this is her only wish.

The Gallery Collection is proud to announce that it will be sending Christmas cards to Sa’fyre this year and helping in granting her this wish. Employees are currently signing cards and are very happy to be a part of granting Sa’fyre’s wish.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ― Kahlil Gibran

If you want to send your own Christmas cards to Sa’fyre, address your cards to:

Sa’fyre Terry

P.O. Box 6126

Schenectady, NY 12306


Have a very safe & happy Holiday Season.


Wreath Holiday Cards are more than just beautiful; the wreath’s circular shape represents eternity, no beginning and no end.

Symbolism of wreaths and the meaning has undergone quite a change over the years.  Now during the holiday season the wreath is used to adorn the front door of a home and has come to symbolize welcome for visitors and invited guests. And of course, there are Wreath Holiday Cards.

Wreaths have been used as symbolic icons as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. They were usually worn on the crown of the head, used to represent good health and life and to recognize royalty, the upper class, and athletic victories. Some early Europeans displayed evergreen wreaths in the hope that it would bring an earlier spring; evergreens symbolize strength as they last through the harshest winters.

Today, wreaths are made of many different materials such as dried flowers, twigs or pine cones and can be displayed all year long depending on what is used on the arrangement.  When used as a focal point on a Greeting Card, brightly colored leaves make a stunning design on a Thanksgiving card, a wreath of flowers on a Sympathy card is gracious and on the lighter side a wreath of playful icons on a Birthday card can be delightful.

Wreath Holiday Cards are probably the most popular because of the wreath’s rich history and the endless variety of material it could be made of. The Wreath Holiday Card is an easy choice for a Holiday card to send.


Staying Fit at the Office during the Holiday Season

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With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, finding time to squeeze in exercise to stay fit may seem like a monumental task.  Who has the time with all there is to do?!  What if I told you that you can find that extra time to exercise during the holiday season during your work day? It may sound crazy, but with some creativity and a few simple changes to your everyday routine, staying fit at the office during the holiday season is possible.

One easy way to stay fit at the office during the holiday season is to get more steps during the work day. That could mean that you start parking further away from your building to make the walk farther; if it is cold outside, then just walk faster or even jog! Either way, you are doing something good for your health.  Another way to add more steps is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also walk over to a colleague’s desk instead of emailing or calling them. These all seem like small things, but every little bit helps!

You can also suggest that your weekly standing meetings actually become “standing” meetings by having attendees stand or walk around the room for the duration of the meeting. Another strategy for getting more steps in during the day is to take a walk during your lunch break. You can even multi-task by also getting some holiday errands done during your walks; maybe you can walk to the post office to mail your holiday cards, or walk to a nearby shopping area to pick up some gifts!

Besides getting more steps in a day, squeezing in some toning exercises is another example of ways to stay fit at the office during the holiday season.  You can do isometric exercises right at your desk without anyone knowing! Here’s a few to try:

-Lift your legs straight out off the ground under your desk and cross at the ankles, push your bottom leg up against your top leg. This tones your hamstrings and quadriceps.

-Place palms flat up under your desk and push. This tones your biceps and triceps.

If you have your own office, you can get very ambitious and lift dumbbells or use exercise bands during teleconferences, or complete a strength training routine during lunch.  There are also now many websites that offer free streaming workouts; workouts range from under 10 minutes to an hour, so you are sure to find something to meet your need and can stream using your smartphone.

If you follow these tips for staying fit at the office during the holiday season, you are sure to enter the New Year being “ho-ho-healthy”!


Congratulations to our Fifth Round Winners!


Have you been sending your friends, family, or clients the same Christmas ornament card every year? Are you looking to send something different that would appeal to the majority of all your important recipients who may or may not celebrate the holidays?

Why not try sending an animal holiday greeting card this year? Almost everyone likes animals so not only is it the perfect way to share your love of creatures, great and small but it’s a great way to appeal to a wide audience.

Horses – Winter Parade Holiday Card
There is something majestic about this card featuring a herd of wild mustangs running through snow. The gold Holiday Greetings foil on the front adds an elegant touch to the card.

Penguins – Happy Holidays Penguins
“Happy Feet” never went out of style because people still love baby penguins. This card is THE penguin card to send during the holiday season, making it one of the most popular animal cards in the gallery.

Cats – Purr-fect Packages Christmas Card
Attention cat lovers: your life is not complete without this holiday cat card. These mischievous cats are popping out of gift boxes with a big grin and you know they are up to no good. This fun and silly card is hilariously cute and entertaining.

Dove – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card
Finally, this inspiring Dove Card is patriotic and well-designed. The embossed details of the Dove and the American flag backdrop make this card a great choice to send to your valued business clients, friends, and family.


Why You Should Send New Year’s Cards

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A relatively new concept – New Year’s Cards. There are many excellent reasons to consider sending your business associates, clients, customers or even your friends and loved ones a New Years Card rather than the traditional Holiday card.

Most people find themselves struggling with too many things to do around the December Holidays. We are baking, buying, decorating, wrapping, winding up the year’s goals, working in a holiday oriented job; put all or some of this together equals stress and lack of time.

Now think about the days after the Holiday. The work is slowing down, the holidays are behind us, dinners and baked goods are eaten, gifts are opened and we are relaxing and thinking about the year to come. Now we can consider a thoughtful phrase or perhaps we have a great Holiday gathering picture of the team or family that can be sent out to some lucky recipients.

What better way to start someone’s New Year than to send them well wishes for it. You can always extend the greeting to reflect on hoping that their Holidays were joyous and that the New Year continues to bring them Health, Happiness and Prosperity. It’s a choice and a good one! By sending New Year’s Cards, you are relieved of one holiday task but still accomplish the goal of reaching out to others with good wishes and acknowledgement of your appreciation that they are in your life in some way.


Sending company Christmas cards is a great way to spread goodwill toward your customers and clients, while advertising your own company at the same time. Editable Text Christmas cards put your company front and center, allowing you to have your company name on the front of the card as well as on the inside.

Personalized Christmas cards are always a great idea. But think about it – many clients display the cards they receive by placing folded cards on a desk or shelf. So whose company information can be seen by all? The company that sent an Editable Text Christmas Card with their name on the front.

The Gallery Collection has hundreds of these cards available, in every kind of theme imaginable: elegant, whimsical, industry-specific designs, and New Year’s designs as well. In fact, there are over 350 different Editable cards on the easy-to-navigate Gallery collection website, definitely something for every taste.

Although it might seem that having your company name printed on the front of your cards is a very expensive feature, there is no extra charge for the Editable Text cards at the Gallery Collection. Although, what’s wrong with your recipients thinking you had spared no expense?

So, let your clients know you care, while letting your company shine!


Why Sending Christmas Cards to Clients Is So Important

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Goodwill towards Men and Women. I always remember to include the female possession! When it comes to managing a business, employers depend heavily on your client’s for capital. Therefore, it is extremely important, that you acknowledge your customers. To say thank you for your patronage business and I do appreciate your loyalty speaks volumes to your customers.

Remember that your customers will always determine the success of the company. Without your customer, you would not be in business. Therefore, during the season of being grateful and thankful, convey this message to your customers by sending a greeting card that shows your appreciation. We live in a world that is business oriented and it is just good ole fashion etiquette to say “THANK YOU” to your customers. Life is all about products and services which includes marketing and management.

So make sure to recognize your customers. Sending a Christmas/Holiday/Season’s Greeting card to your clients in the most effective and professional manner. I am a part time business owner of a Professional Organizing Company. I rely heavily on my clients for their business, therefore, I make sure that I send a greeting card and/or thank you during the holiday season.


Should You Get Your Boss A Christmas Gift?

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If you are thinking to yourself, should I get my boss a Christmas gift?  The answer is no, no and, I repeat, a big fat no! Except that sometimes the answer is a maybe and sometimes it can even be a yes.

Ok, let me ‘splain Lucy.  Let’s face it; no one really wants to buy their boss a Christmas gift.  You don’t really like your boss all that much because, well, he’s the one that just keeps piling the work on you.  And then you’re supposed to spend your hard-earned cash on a gift for him?  I don’t think so.  In my opinion, if anyone is going to buy gifts, it should be the bosses buying for the employees.  I really think gift-giving in general is way over the top in most organizations and mostly unnecessary.  However, it can be a nice way for a boss to show appreciation for his employees.  Preferable the gift is a nice, big cash bonus but smaller gifts are certainly nice too.

There are times though when you do have a great relationship with your boss and you do want to show some extra appreciation to him with a Christmas gift.  Heck, you may even love your boss!  In these cases, you may want to spring for a Christmas gift as a gesture.  If you are part of team that works under the same boss, it’s usually best to stick to group gifts from all of you.  You don’t want to appear to be trying to score brownie points or be a brown-nose.  Even if it is a group gift, keep it on the small side and preferably something that the boss can use at the office.

In the end, I guess what I am saying is anything goes but you should bear in mind both the culture of the organization and the relationship you have with your boss before you decide Christmas gift or no Christmas gift?

Happy shopping, or not!