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Advantages of Having Diversity at the Workplace

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Let’s face it. We can look at the list of top executives in almost any company, and the majority of them have similar backgrounds.  Not just in areas such as education, but more than likely, they share the same race, gender, and religious beliefs. Now more than ever, we live in a country that is becoming more diverse each day. From people arriving here to make a better life for themselves, to others who have made the decision to openly live their lives, embracing their identities. Shouldn’t our workplace reflect the world outside of the building where we spend the majority of our lives? The very core of diversity is inclusion.  The inclusion of people from all walks of life tends to bring a multitude of ideas, which can have a great effect on the company’s performance. This is just common sense. But not necessarily common practice. What company wouldn’t want more ideas to choose from? As humans, we have the tendency to be drawn towards people that are similar to ourselves. But how can we grow by only staying in our comfort zones? How much more in business, as the potential to draw from people different from ourselves is enormous. Left untapped, we are just existing in the everyday rat race. The goal of any business is to grow, continuously taking it to the next level.  Imagine that growth from the seeds of diversity watered by inclusion, cultural awareness, and traveling outside of our comfort zones. Isn’t it time to make the rhetoric of “thinking outside of the box” a reality?


Be Unique – Ideas To Decorate Your Cubicle

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When you are feeling stressed or unhappy at work you might not think of how to get out of the doldrums.  You might just be in need of a change in you workspace. It might be time for some new visuals or decorations. You can place things on your cubicle wall that will make you take a second or a deep breath and remember a moment. Giving you pause to change your mindset and take a mental break.   Maybe a holiday is coming or the seasons are changing. It really picks me up when I make a few changes to my workspace.  Some favorite things can become ideas to decorate your cubicle. There are pictures of family, friends and neighbors that bring you to a happy space. It doesn’t matter whether they are nearby or far away.  Some pictures taken during a holiday celebration, or a very special wedding perhaps!  Some of the best pictures are those where you catch someone off guard.  One of my favorite all time fun decorations are drawings by my children, and the children of some of my co-workers. It really is adorable and funny for office co-workers and also anyone visiting the office to see such colorful items tacked to the walls and given such a prominent spot.  What can you think of to break the spell of a dull day???


A co-worker’s retirement is a wonderful occasion to celebrate.  You will no doubt want to share a heartfelt sentiment to wish your co-worker well on a retirement card.  Here are some tips and suggestions to help you express your warm wishes.

-Be positive.  Sometimes retirement can be a scary time of transition in a person’s life.  While he or she may really want to retire, it is still a big lifestyle adjustment and can make even the most financially comfortable retiree a little nervous.  Also, retirement signals that one is definitely getting older, which can also be a little unsettling to your co-worker.  You can help ease the tension by being nothing but positive in your message on the retirement card.

-Be personal. While it’s nice to express standard congratulatory sentiments-like wishing your co-worker the well-meaning but generic “good luck”, it’s even better to try to be specific and show your co-worker that you connected to him or her on a personal level.  Instead of just saying, “Now you will have more time to pursue your hobbies”, get specific!  Is he or she an avid reader? Say “Now you’ll be up-to-date on all the current bestsellers!” Maybe gardening is more your co-workers thing?  Mention that “now you’ll have more time to tend to those gorgeous roses!”  If she or he is a sports and fitness enthusiast, you can quip that you expect to see her in the next marathon, or see him serving aces on the tennis court.  Many retirees long to travel, having put it off while working.  If this applies to your co-worker, you should definitely wish her or him exciting and safe travels. If you happen to know where he or she is interested in visiting, it’s even better to mention it specifically!  Whatever your co-workers interests or hobbies, it will mean so much to her or him that you remembered and mentioned it!

-Be sincere.  Everyone wants to hear that they will be missed, so make sure to end your message with such a sentiment.  It’s great to get personal here as well and mention something that you will specifically miss about your co-worker.  We all want to be remembered for something other than just showing up every day and doing our jobs; we like to be recognized as individuals.  Maybe she has a great sense of humor and you will miss her witty one-liners that always made your Mondays a little less bleak; be sure to tell her!  Maybe he always had a bowl of candies that often got you through a rough day; let him know!    If you don’t know your co-worker that well, try to at least think of one anecdote or memory that you share and mention that-perhaps there was a dreadfully long meeting you both attended or a festive holiday party where you shared a toast?  Taking the time to recall such memories will make your co-worker feel very special.




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In this age of instantaneous communication, it might seem like there is no need to send a personal Thank You Card to anyone anymore.  Surprisingly enough, there are many scenarios, both personal and business, for which this is still appropriate – and even expected.  The question is, who to send them to and when.

Below are the top scenarios for which this show of appreciation is still warranted and also appreciated by the recipient, along with guidelines for when to send the Thank You Card.

Gifts Received

  • Send within 6 weeks after receipt of the gift (sooner is better).


  • Gifts received at an event that you host or is held in your honor.
  • Gifts received in acknowledgement of a major life event.
  • Gifts given by guests who could not attend and could not be thanked in person.


Birthday · Anniversary · Engagement · Retirement · Graduation · Bridal Shower ·Wedding ·

Baby Shower · Birth of Baby · Baptism · Communion · Bar/Bat Mitzvah ·Confirmation · Congratulations · Housewarming · Surprise Party · Gifts received during an illness ·

Condolence Notes/Gifts

Kindness/Show of Appreciation

  • Best to send within a few days of the kindness you have received, but can be sent up to 2 weeks later. Beyond that time-frame, the sentiment will lose some impact.


  • A favor from a friend or neighbor such as pet sitting, house sitting, transportation, errands, etc.
  • After a hospital stay, to thank a nurse or doctor who went above and beyond.
  • To thank an exceptional teacher or babysitter.

Thank the Host/Hostess

  • Best when sent within a few days after the occasion, but best if sent no more than 2 weeks later.


  • A friend’s dinner party
  • An extended visit at someone’s home

Employment Search

  • Best when sent within 1 day of the interview, but no more than 2-3 days later.


  • Not necessarily required, but definitely recommended.
  • Shows the interviewer that you have manners and reinforces your interest in the position.
  • Makes you stand out from the competition (most people do not send them).
  • Puts your name in front of the interviewer again.
  • Should be sent to each person who interviews you.

Business Thank You Cards

  • Should be sent within 5 business days after the event or action you wish to acknowledge, but no more than 10 business days (2 weeks) later. Sooner is always better.


  • After meeting with a prospective new customer.
  • After a customer places their first order.
  • In appreciation of a customer’s continued business.
  • To a customer who has been patient in a difficult situation.
  • To the host of a business meeting or conference you were invited to and attended.

There may be many other reasons to send a hand-written Thank You Card.  The point is, there is really no reason not to take the initiative to show your appreciation to another person.  So go ahead!  Be creative, be appreciative, and send a beautiful Thank You Card.  It will be well-received!


Assortment Boxes Are Indispensable

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Our All Occasion Assortment Box is Indispensable

You KNOW your intentions are good when it comes to sending cards to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  You WISH you had just the perfect card on hand when condolences or get well wishes are in order.  You REGRET missing an opportunity to let someone you care for realize that you’re thinking of them and value their friendship.

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This is why, in my opinion, EVERYONE should have an ALL OCCASION ASSORTMENT BOX on hand.  You’ll never again have to flounder around looking for just the right card.  It will be right there at your fingertips, in the sturdy and colorful box that keeps them fresh and clean and at your disposal.  No more last minute trips to the store to pick up a card, or time spent going through the racks to find an appropriate one.

In this nicely organized box, there will be a matching envelope for each card – even a few extra – and they’ll have those wonderfully convenient self-adhesive peel strips.

There are two assortments to choose from – Box 1 and Box 2.  They both have an excellent variety of cards including Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Sympathy, Thank You, Congratulations and Thinking of You, along with a few blank Notecards which have proved very useful to us.  Each of the boxes has the same set-up but with different designs.  We keep one of each on hand and find we NEVER have to waste time running to the store for cards.

With the beautiful designs and excellent card quality, we’ve had so many compliments on the cards we’ve sent that for us, the All Occasion Assortment Box is indispensable.


Birthday Party Themes for a Coworker

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Most companies celebrate a coworkers Birthday with the traditional card that’s signed by coworkers, a cake, maybe some snacks, and on those special birthdays ending with an zero (you know those), you may receive balloons or flowers if you share the magic number with your coworkers.

Why not think outside the box and do something fun & unexpected by having a Birthday Party Theme for a coworker.

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with the traditional card giving, & cake to celebrate ones big day but, how fun would it be to decorate the birthday persons cubicle with a theme based on their favorite hobby, last vacation, favorite sport, or base the theme around a holiday that falls in their birthday month.

Go ahead, throw a themed office birthday celebration and see the surprised reaction from the birthday coworker.

Here’s just a few ideas to decorate a coworkers birthday cubicle.

All the decorations can be found at a party supply or $1.00 store.

  • HAWAIIAN LUAU THEME: Leis, grass skirt, tiki drinking mugs, palm trees, beachcomber straw hat, little umbrellas to put into your drinks (non- alcoholic).
  • WESTERN THEME: Cowboy boots, cowboy hat, vest, bandana to tie around the neck, so little horses to place on the desk, and a lasso.
  • SPORTS THEME: Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, and hockey.
  • MARDI GRAS: Lots of beads & feathers, masks, in the traditional colors of yellow, purple & green.
  • CASINO: cards, dice, casino chips, fake bills, coins, a little slot machine & roulette table.
  • BEACH THEME: Sunglasses, flip flops, sand, plastic fish & sharks, beach balls, shells & star fish, maybe even a little goldfish bowl placed on the desk.


Tips on Goal Setting in the Work Place

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I think the first tip on setting goals in the work place actually works in any environment and it’s to make the goal realistic.  Nothing is more demoralizing than to see a goal as so unattainable you don’t even want to try and reach it.

Assess the situation carefully and set a goal that people have to work hard to achieve, but is still doable.  A good manager doesn’t set people up to fail.  I’ve worked in an environment where we had a daily shipping goal and you could hear the cheers at the end of each day when that goal was met.  And since it was a team effort, everyone worked to make it happen and everyone could take pride in the success.

When setting a goal you want to be certain all parties involved in attaining the goal have all the tools they need to make success possible.  Also, be certain communication is clear and concise so there is no confusion as to what that goal should be.  When employees are involved and knowledgeable, they are more likely to give their best effort.

Lastly, reward employees when they reach the goal you’ve set.  It doesn’t have to be monumental, but acknowledging hard word and determination go a long way in building a satisfying work environment for everyone.