Congratulations to the winners from the Seventh Round of voting in the Gallery Collection Scholarship Contest!

10 Designs moved on to the finalist round as a result of them finishing in the top 10 in voting, plus, our scholarship team also used our 1 save available to us on the photo submitted by Emily Mckenna. A beautiful scene of a cardinal sitting on snow covered branches.

Check out the top 10 vote getters and the saved design that are moving onto the finalist round in the gallery below.


Business Holiday Cards from a Catalog

by Patsy M. on December 15, 2014

Looking through the piles of greeting card catalogs I receive for the upcoming holiday season I noticed something unusual. Most of the catalogs are featuring the same card; not a similar card but the exact design. Each catalog has a different company name so I thought maybe an artist was selling their designs over and over. Don’t know the answer but I must say it gets boring to see the same thing; I wanted to find a greeting card company that could come up with unique cards that would make my company look different from the rest.

Holiday Ribbon and Stars Card
Holiday Ribbon and Stars Card – Design H2MCX

My wish was granted when I received a catalog from the Gallery Collection, there were no knock offs, nothing similar to another company’s look; each design was one of a kind and gorgeous. I want my Business holiday cards to represent us as a business with class and style; choosing the right card can do just that. There is nothing worse than send a flimsy card in a cheap looking envelope. I was very pleased with my Gallery Collection card and the customer service was excellent. I would recommend Gallery Collection to anyone that wants quality with distinctive designs focused on business because they know what they are doing.


Christmas Cards That are Perfect for Doctors

by Emily E. on December 11, 2014

I always send my Doctor and his staff a Christmas card. After all I trust him with my life! I know I can talk to him about anything. I gossip with his staff; who’s having a baby, where did you go for vacation? We’re not close friends, but we are friendly.

Health and Happiness Christmas Card
Health and Happiness Christmas Card – Design 55JJW

The past few years he has been sending Christmas cards for Doctors to some of his patients; I am on his list. He sends these beautiful cards by The Gallery Collection specifically designed for the medical field. The one that catches my eye is Health and Happiness Christmas card. It is so cute! In the center is a red plaid apple! The saying on the front of the card reads, “Peace, Happiness & Good Health.” At the bottom the doctor’s or the practice name can be printed. It is such a sweet card that everyone would enjoy receiving from his doctor. And we all know, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

There is also a card with a stethoscope on the front. It has red and white stripes like a candy cane! Candy Stripe Christmas Card is light, whimsical and fun!The background of light blue with dark blue lettering adds a bit of holiday flavor. It reads, “Happiest Holidays and wishes for a healthy new year.”

The doctors’ who send either of these card designs to their patients and colleagues will show their kind warm hearts and holiday spirit!


Christmas Cards for Your Construction Company

by Paula M. on December 8, 2014

If you want Christmas cards for your Construction Company you’ve come to the right place. I’ve ordered holiday cards for my husband’s construction company from Gallery Collection for years and have always been more than satisfied. We’ve had tons of compliments on them and it’s been pretty effortless to come back and order each year. They keep track of our previous orders so we don’t repeat ourselves and the quality and service have been consistently excellent. These cards are well worth the cost.


Circular Greetings Holiday Card
Circular Greetings Holiday Card – Design A6UJS

I was really excited when I looked online and found they have 54 designs specifically for the Constuction industry. They’re varied and there’s lots of excellent choices for the greeting inside. We can add our company name to the front of the card – something new for us and great for name recognition – and I can see what the card will look like on their website before ordering.

We’ve had such success staying in touch with previous customers with our Christmas cards and have gotten quite a few referrals out of it. I try to order early in the year to get the best discounts and then I over order so there are always extra cards available in the fall for mailing to new contacts – all potential customers!

There’s even a few cards where you can add a photo of the crew or a completed job you’re really proud of. It was surprisingly easy to upload a photo and preview several different cards. My husband liked having so many cards to pick from especially since they were all geared to his business. He considers it part of his advertising budget and thinks the cards are well worth the time and money to send. We’re sure they’ve been part of our building a successful business.


Greeting Card Highlight – New Year’s Cards

by Sabrina B. on December 4, 2014

No matter how hard I try or early I start, I never seem to get my holiday cards in the mail in time for Christmas. So this year I am giving in to my procrastination and sending out New Year’s Cards! One slight problem- I cannot decide which design to use because I seem to have 5 favorites. And best of all, these designs are all customizable with your own personal information on the front and inside in an array of endless fonts, sizes and colors of text!

Dated Wreath New Year's Card
Dated Wreath New Year’s Card – Design 58WJS

Colorful New Year Holiday Card (A4CJS)- The bright colorful letters on a royal blue background littered with confetti is a fun card to look at. And what is more fun than bringing in a New Year with friends and family?

Dated Wreath New Year’s Card (58WJS)- The numbers 2015 are highlighted with a red and green holiday wreath depicting the zero. Set on a black background, this card looks very classy for bringing in the New Year in style and still alludes to the holiday season with the colorful wreath.

Bubbly Holiday Card (A3PJS)- The 4 fluted champagne glasses each contain a numeral for 2015. The cocktails look deliciously whimsical filled with intriguing drinks set against a polka dot night sky. Get together with 4 friends and enjoy!

Cheers to You Holiday Card (A3ZJS)- The yellow, blue and red polka dots on a white background bring back fond memories of early childhood. These colors remind me of my favorite doughy white Wonder Bread -when whole grains, flax seed and fiber were not important. Life and food choices were so simple in those good old days…

Prosperous New Year’s Card (A1AJS)- Watching the year 2014 slowly roll over to 2015 on this design is reminiscent of watching the second hand on the clock slowly tick off the last 30 seconds before midnight or watching the ball slowly drop in Times Square.


Christmas Party Ideas That Are Work Appropriate

by Patsy M. on December 1, 2014

Everyone loves the company Christmas party. However, office parties aren’t what they used to be thanks to the recession, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.


So, a great idea would be to have a holiday party during working hours. Serve a nice buffet with a variety of food so everyone is happy; no alcohol should be served. Get the entire company involved in choosing the theme and cuisine; send emails asking for votes, make the emails light hearted so no one is offended if you don’t take their suggestion. Now that you saved money on a location you can splurge on decorations, make the office festive, and get some great door prizes!

Assign a photographer or two to take candids during the party and make sure you post them afterwards. Don’t make it a job, find someone who enjoys taking pictures! Set up some board games around the office on game tables with folding chairs, nothing fancy. Games like Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit are great for teams! Give prizes that have nothing to do with job performance or achievement. For instance:

  • The person that complained about the heat the most
  • The person who had the best suggestion in the suggestion box
  • The person that brings the best smelling lunches

When the holidays are over send another email thanking everyone for attending and asking all of the employees their opinion – good or bad – so that next year you can pull off another successful office Christmas party.


Happy Thanksgiving From Everyone at The Gallery Collection!

by Joe Goldstein on November 27, 2014



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! There’s something about Christmas that brings out a jolly spirit from even the grumpiest Grinch in the office. There are so many reasons why Christmas is the best holiday to celebrate in the office. At my job, we decorate our cubes with garland and stockings. We also put up a tree that we adorn with beautiful ornaments. It really adds such a festive look to the workplace! It’s also great when you get to work to the sound of Christmas music playing. We pull out a small radio and set it to that radio station that plays holiday music all day long! I also enjoy the kind gestures I get from coworkers and vendors, especially the Christmas cards and gift baskets.


Although it’s important to try to eat healthy, how can one resist all the sweet Christmas treats around the office? Every year, I bake these delicious sugar cookies for my coworkers. It’s my little tradition! But the grandest display of treats is our annual office Christmas party! It’s such a great time to enjoy delicious food, listen to holiday music, and reflect on the year with coworkers. It’s a really great time to enjoy each other’s company.

At my job, we get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off. It’s always such a wonderful gift to get a little break from work to spend with loved ones. It’s such a beautiful time of year. There’s no reason why we all can’t have a little Christmas cheer in the office!


Top 5 Animal Holiday Cards

by Paula M. on November 20, 2014

I thoroughly enjoy the Holidays, and picking out just the right holiday card seems to start it all off for me. After looking through this year’s extensive selection, I’ve decided to choose from the group of animal holiday cards. As a true animal lover these cards reallt represent me well, and I’m sure they’ll make all of my friends and family happy this holiday season! Here are my top 5 animal holiday cards!

Holiday Penguins Card
Holiday Penguins Card – Design 89FCW


  • Holiday Penguins (Design 89FCW) – Has an amusing glossy photo of three Emperor Penguins marching to the beat of their own collective drummer. It’s seasonal, humorous and totally delightful. Gold foil printing looks great on the black stock and complements the photo’s gold frame border.
  • Holiday Gathering (Design 78ECW) – They describe this as endearing & it is! Mama & Papa penguin are lovingly watching over their adorable, fluffy chicks. It’s just irresistible. This stock is white so you can print in either ink or foil.
  • Polar Bear Holiday (Design 81GCW) – White on white on white with little black noses. A captivating photo of mama & cubs bordered in gold. I really like the combination of gold printing on black stock. It’s rich and a bit unusual.
  • Holiday in the Park (Design H3ECW) – This is a charmer with a little flock of cheerful red cardinals surrounding a welcoming park bench and an old fashioned lamppost decorated with a holiday wreath. Makes you want to venture out for a nice winter walk.
  • Winter Parade (Design 72ECW) – I like the unexpected and you don’t usually think of wild mustangs when you think of holiday cards! Great action-packed winter scene and a definite stand-out.



Congratulations to the winners from the Sixth Round of voting in the Gallery Collection Scholarship Contest!

10 Designs moved on to the finalist round as a result of them finishing in the top 10 in voting, plus, our scholarship team also used our 1 save available to us on the design submitted by Madeline Andrews. A beautiful pumpkin themed entry which clearly has great technique and took a lot of time to finish.

Check out the top 10 vote getters and the saved design that are moving onto the finalist round in the gallery below.