Merry Christmas Cards vs. Happy Holidays Cards

by Murray I. on October 12, 2015

Merry Christmas cards or Happy Holidays cards?  In recent times, this has been a difficult choice for people during the holiday season. We don’t want to offend the recipient of a card, especially when your intentions are meant to be kind and genuine to begin with.  It is a good thing to be aware of what your recipient celebrates so you can be prepared.

Happy Holidays cards are a nice choice to have because they are appropriate for any holiday celebrated during the season.  This can include Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, New Years, and many others. Some people may feel that commercialization of Christmas overshadows the holiday they celebrate, so a Happy Holidays card could really mean a lot to that special someone.

Merry Christmas cards are a great thing to have on hand as well. There are plenty of folks who feel strongly about saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”.  These cards are even more appropriate if you know your co-workers, friends, or loved ones celebrate the holiday. If you’re heavily involved in your church or if you simply celebrate Christmas with your family every year then this is also a perfect choice to have on hand.

While I personally would be able to find more use from “Happy Holiday” cards, it really comes down to personal choice and lifestyle in the end.  There are many folks who would get more use out of Christmas cards, and that’s why it is a wonderful thing that we have both options to choose from!


Holiday Party Invitations Make Your Company Shine

by Rebecca F. on October 8, 2015

In these days of uncertainty, when the economy is so unpredictable, it is a definite perk to clients and staff to host a holiday party.  More and more companies are downsizing their holiday celebrations, so receiving a shiny holiday invitation would be a pleasant surprise. That shiny invite would stand out from other cards they may be receiving and take priority in preparing their holiday schedule.  It is a message to your clients that you are remembering them at this special time of year, not just for their business, but for their continued trust and loyalty.

Your staff, on the other hand, will feel appreciated and have an opportunity to spend relaxed time with their fellow workers, time they do not have within their working environment. The happy excited chatter will begin when the first person opens that shiny card. As an extra bonus, both clients and employees will have a chance to meet and put a face to the voice they may speak with day after day.  I have had some of my best holidays when they were kicked off with a company holiday party.  The season seemed to take off on the right start and it began feeling festive with the sparkling lights and carols being heard in the background, where before that, the spirit of the season had not yet been felt.

To think that all that joy and good cheer began with that Shiny Company Party Invitation.


Christmas Cards from Your Doctor

by Kallan H. on October 5, 2015

Hey, what’s up Doc?  I don’t know about you but my doctor is someone I have formed a close bond with over the years.  It is someone that seems like part of the family.  I feel a connection with her that makes me feel is unbreakable.  My doctor and I share more intimated conversations than I share with almost anyone else.  When I open my mailbox during the month of December and find a Christmas card from my Doctor, I realize that I am special to her too.  The simple gesture of a card lets me know that I am not just a number.

Every year I send out photo cards of my children and I make sure one is addressed to all the doctors in our lives.  It is a great feeling when the gesture is returned.  The bond between doctor and patient is important and intimate.  A holiday card allows the patient to know he or she is appreciated and that the doctor appreciates his being faithful.  Seeing a card in the mail from my doctor shows that she is willing to take the extra time to tell me I am worth something to her.  Receiving a Christmas card from my doctor is heart warming and brings a smile to my face.  All doctors should share in this practice if they want to keep patients in their practice.


It’s that time of year, the holiday season filled with joy and cheer. Only one problem, you are stuck at the office and not so cheery. Want a solution to this problem? An encouraging and thoughtful holiday card from your boss, which could be that perfect pick-me-up you’ve been searching for during the ladder stretch of the holiday office crunch.

Sending a card to your employees or those whom you manage is a great sentiment for several reasons. It shows that the office is not just a place of work, and that there is a sense of community amongst coworkers and management as well. A Christmas card from your boss also ensures that you as an employee are considered and appreciated for all of that hard work performed throughout the year.

An even deeper sentiment could be sent to those that do not have a large family or those who are not able to spend the holidays with them. That extra card, and the caring along with it, defines the example of a little bit going a long way. The holiday season is the time for giving and appreciation, and a card from your boss to show that you as an employee are appreciated and work in a thoughtful and healthy environment makes a terrific addition to your holiday checklist.

So the only question left is what are your options?
Check out some of the beautifully designed options here at the Gallery Collection’s Christmas Card Selection!


Why You Should Send Personalized Christmas Cards

by Deidre B. on September 28, 2015

I remember that day in November, I was feeling down after I got that call from the school to come pick my daughter up, she had a fever and was very sick, the flu. We’d just gotten home from the doctor’s and I was worrying because I knew I couldn’t take off from work, this was our busy season and we couldn’t afford to move one person from their assigned jobs to cover mine. Later that night, the doorbell rang. It was my “evil” next door neighbor who having heard that my daughter was sick, came by to offer her help, volunteering to baby-sit while I work, and to do so in my home so I wouldn’t have to take my daughter out. She didn’t want anything in return.

My car had a flat, I don’t know anything about changing a tire. A man whom I’d see but never met volunteered his help but wouldn’t accept any payment. These are the times you send a personalized Christmas card, to people who have gone that extra mile for the sake of kindness and you want to let them know you thank them for that.

A Personalized Christmas Card can speak volumes when you want to acknowledge an act of kindness or just to say “I’m wishing you a very special holiday season” because you’ve been so kind. And then who knows, you just might make that Scrooge-like someone believe in spirit of Christmas.


Exercises You Can Do At Work

by Kelly A. on September 24, 2015

Keeping your body in shape is definitely not an easy feat especially when you are working at your desk.  It is important to keep your muscles moving and your heart pumping.  Sitting idly is not good for your body or your mind.  Think there is no way to find the time to keep your body healthy?  Well, I have some easy solutions to get you started!

As with any exercising, start with basic stretching.  Yes, I said stretching right at your desk.  As you exercise, make sure you are keeping your shoulders back and your head straight in order to help with your core.  Start with 8 slow moving neck rolls to keep your body relaxed.  Next, work on stretching your arms by bringing them straight in front of you and raising them up and down.  Try to do two set of 8.  Even simply pumping your arms overhead for 30 seconds will be progress.  Something else you can do is, lift each shoulder individually similar to a shrug with again two sets of 8.  To work your stomach muscles, simply sit up straight and twist at the waist.  Start out slow and work up to multiple sets.

You can work your legs also even though you are stuck in that chair.  Sit upright with both feet flat on the floor pulling in your abdominal muscles.  Then, lift one leg, hold for ten seconds then lift the other.   Try to repeat 8 times.  Another way to work on your legs is to cross your ankles and lift your legs again keeping your stomach tight.  Apply some downward pressure on your knees and hold until your muscles are tired.  Simply lifting your knees to your chest can aid in keeping your muscles fit.  The silent seat squeeze is a great way to work your glutes without anyone knowing you are even exercising.  Just squeeze your buttocks and hold for 5 or 10 seconds.

Here are some basic tips to keep your body ready for any situation.  Make sure you are drinking water.  Water is essential to staying in good health.  Also, make sure you are making good decisions.  Standing is always better than sitting so stand whenever possible.  I know that elevator or escalator is tempting, but how about taking those stairs?  Even if you start by only walking up one flight and build on that, it will help your body engage.  At lunch instead of hanging out in the break room, head outside for a walk around the building.  I also find it beneficial to park my car at the opposite side of the parking lot from my office building’s door.  No matter how tired you are at the end of a crazy day, you will have no choice but to walk those extra few steps.  It is imperative to keep your muscles moving and your heart pumping!


What is a Museum Art Masterpiece?

by Maggie T. on September 21, 2015

Patient is lying in his psychologist’s office on a chestnut-colored chair. His psychologist is sitting five feet away in a nearby, slightly peeling red vinyl chair. The left-handed psychologist scribbles notes with a leaky ball pen that keeps smudging across her hand as she writes down the patient’s symptoms.

Patient: And I can’t even eat my favorite pepperoni pizza slice from the local shop anymore without thinking that the sauce tastes like ground-up anchovies on moist cardboard.

Psychologist: Could it be possible that your favorite pizza shop is actually using ground anchovies?

Patient: No…that’s impossible. I’m half-kosher.  Anyway, there is definitely something wrong with me. I don’t seem to care about anything anymore. NOT ONE THING. But Oh …

(Something catches the Patient’s eye in the corner of the psychologist’s office.)

Psychologist: Yes, please continue.

Patient: Oh. I was just thinking that was a nice piece of artwork you have there.

(The psychologist suddenly stands up in eager excitement. She walks over to the wall hanging the artwork, removing it and bringing it back for the patient to peer closely at.)

Psychologist: (excited) This? I got this for Christmas from a recovered patient. It’s called a Museum Art Masterpiece card. This particular one is by Pierre-Auguste Renoir called “River Landscape.”

Patient: This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since my wife left me. The incredible 9” x 12” double-matte full-colored art print reproduction really touches my soul.  Also, I can’t get over how classy the gold foil border and cream-colored card stock appear. Please, I must have this.

Psychologist: Well … um see this one is mine. But – (seeing the disappointed look on the patient’s face) – you can buy more from the Gallery Collection online. Each Museum Art Masterpiece card comes in a richly embossed green cover engraved with your greeting choice and personalized imprint in gold foil.

Patient: I’m going to buy them on my smartphone right now. Do they only have pieces by Renoir?

Psychologist: No, they also have Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Childe Hassam, Paul Ganguin, Camille Pissarro, Colin Campbell Cooper, Charles Neal and more.

Patient: Wow, I don’t know which one to choose from.

Psychologist: “Starry Night” by Van Gogh is a classic and one of my favorites.

Patient: Thanks Doc, I think I’m cured!

Psychologist: OK.


Why You Should Order Thanksgiving Cards

by Lissa S. on September 17, 2015

Why should you order Thanksgiving cards? We give thanks for the obvious things; Family, food, good health. All of the normal reasons. Personally, I love to send Thanksgiving cards to my family and friends and have been doing so for a while. It wasn’t until recently that I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to send them to my clients as well.

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season and what better time to send out messages of thanks. Sending out Thanksgiving cards give me a jumpstart in getting and keeping my name out there. Sending greeting cards is one of the most economical ways of advertising. People like receiving cards and by not sending them, we have lost the opportunity to keep our name in the minds of the ones that serve us best.  I’m thankful for your time, your business and your trust.  Customers want a good deal, great service, but most of all, they want to be appreciated. This is why you should order Thanksgiving cards.


Staying in shape during the holiday season may seem impossible because of an abundance of great food and the comfort of being dormant at home. It’s not uncommon to gain a few extra pounds from the holiday festivities. However, with a little dedication and discipline, it’s not impossible to ward off those extra holiday pounds.

Since most of our time is spent at work, here are some pointers that will show you how to stay in shape at work during the holiday season.

1. Drink a Cup of Coffee in the Morning
Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee already, but did you know that black coffee, without all the extra creamer and sugar, may curb cravings? Drinking a cup of coffee not only helps improve concentration and focus, but it can also help keep off extra pounds gained from dessert by curbing our sugar cravings. Remember though that coffee should never replace breakfast, as it is important to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast to start the day properly with energy and nutrition. Also, coffee still contains caffeine, so it is important to limit your coffee intake to 1-2 cups a day.

2. Walk Around As Much As You Can
It doesn’t matter whether you walk around in circles around your office building, outside on the sidewalk, or even pace inside the lobby! As long as you are moving around, you are helping your body improve through exercise. Fifteen minutes of walking is not only easy to do during a break, but very realistic for most of us who work in an office. Therefore, no excuses! By exercising 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes in the afternoon, you’ve already acquired 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise in a day – a feat not to be laughed at for all those who dread hearing the word “gym.”

3. Don’t Keep Grazing at Holiday Parties
This one is a little tough for me personally but I’m going to try my best this holiday season. If there is a holiday party at work, don’t make the food table your best friend. I know, I know, I also love walking past the food more than once…..seeing the food just makes me happy. However, fill up your plate once and be done with it! No second rounds. This will help save you the “I-shouldn’t-have-had-this-extra-donut-ugh-all-these-calories-argh” regret later.

4. Keep Hydrated at Work
How many of us are drinking the 8 cups of water a day recommendation? If you aren’t already, how about trying to make it an early New Year’s Resolution? Staying properly hydrated with water is important because it’s easy to confuse hunger for thirst. By drinking plenty of water, your body will be properly satiated and you won’t need to reach for a snack as often. Also, water is great for your skin, which can easily become dry in an office environment. There are so many benefits of drinking water in addition to those listed above, so keep a liter of water at your desk so you’ll be sure to reach for the drink.

5. Don’t Drive Yourself (and All Your Coworkers) Crazy
The holiday season only comes around once a year, so if you are looking forward to your coworker’s famous pecan pie that she only brings in for the office Thanksgiving party, don’t miss out. It is far better to indulge in an occasional, well-portioned treat than to be cranky and moody towards yourself and everyone sitting around you for not being able to enjoy your treat. (The opposite holds true too: don’t be cranky and moody if you DO have a treat!) Plus, going crazy worrying about “dieting” and “saying no to everything that has sugar” in it, might be counter-effective in the long-run if you cave in later and overindulge.

This may sound cheesy but the best way to stay in shape at work during the holiday season is really to have a healthy attitude. Don’t berate yourself if you have a treat but don’t overindulge and regret everything later either. Remember, everything in proportion and balance is key to being happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. And once again, don’t forget to drink water, and walk, walk, walk!

Stay happy and healthy this Holiday Season!


Get Creative and Upload Your Own Card Design

by Karla B. on September 10, 2015

Want to make a one of a kind statement with your holiday cards this season?  Well, now is your chance to get creative and upload your own card design.  There are many different ways to send your holiday wishes, but a card that is different from the rest is a card that is remembered.

All year long a company’s customers deal with representatives and many times this sight unseen.  Uploading your own card design gives them a chance to get a glimpse of the person or people they have been dealing with.  It is also fun on the company end to get everyone together and snap a few photos of the group.  If getting the gang together is not so easy, how about making the front of this year’s card a picture of your logo?  Everyone will take notice of your company.

Not a company?  Photo cards are also a great idea to show your friends and family how much everyone has grown over the last twelve months.  You can be serious or silly, but no matter what you choose, I can guarantee you card will be one of a kind.  Another creative way to spice up your holiday card and make it one of a kind is to upload your own design of your favorite moments throughout the year.  Did you buy a new house, take a fabulous vacation, celebrate a special event?  I sent a great holiday card with a picture of Waikiki beach at sunset featuring the swaying palm trees and the rolling waves.  This card definitely made a statement and also made everyone jealous.  Upload your own design card if you want your card to be the one that makes a lasting impression.