Christmas Cards – Adding a Personal Touch

by Henry L. on September 6, 2012

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Christmas Cards are a great way to keep in touch with clients, family and friends.  Just a simple wish of peace, prosperity and happiness is all that is needed to let a person know they are in your thoughts.  That is why I always make sure to send cards to everyone in my contact list, both business and personal.

However, this year, I didn’t want to send the same old Christmas card that you buy in a package at a retail store.  I wanted to send people a card that was really from me, not just a generic piece of cardstock.  That is why I sent out personalized holiday cards this year.  Aside from standing out from the rest of cards, it just looks so much nicer!

I decided to get my cards this season from The Gallery Collection.  Aside from having such high quality cards in a wide variety of designs, they gave me the opportunity to add my personalization.  I chose the “Season’s Greetings Red Berries” card because not only was it strikingly beautiful, I was able to add my personalized touch in an elegant gold foil.  When I received my cards, I was really blown away by the look and even the feel of them.  I knew that I was going to make a great impression with the people I sent the cards to.

I sent my personalized Christmas cards last week and have already heard back from several people thanking me and telling me how nice the card was.  I actually have received more feedback this year than ever before, and I attribute a great deal of it to the personalization I put into these cards.  I was very happy with how my holiday cards came out this year and will certainly do the same again next year!

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