Christmas Cards from my Cousin

by Henry L. on September 27, 2012

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Working for 25 years for a company that produces Christmas cards has made me very aware of the cards I receive during the holidays. I like to look at the quality of paper and the original designs.  I have a cousin who is an exceptional artist and every year she designs her own cards. The cards she draws are beautiful, but they can only be appreciated by family members.

Last year she painted a beautiful likeness of our grandparents, when they were first married. It was such an amazing creation that all the cousins had the painting framed and displayed in our homes. As we got closer to the holidays I couldn’t help but wonder what the theme for her card would be this year.

When the card arrived in the mail I could not wait to open it. My first impression was that it’s just a painting of Santa. He is sitting on a recliner looking at what appears to be a list of good and bad children. As I looked further at the card I recognized my aunt’s living room, and the gentlemen with the white hair and white beard was not Santa at all. The man in the recliner was my Uncle Jim. On the inside of the card, my cousin had written at the top “My Father Christmas.” I can’t wait to see next year’s personalized Christmas cards.

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