Christmas Cards and Warm Family Feelings

by Dolly A. on December 30, 2013

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When I was a little girl of six, I received a beautiful Christmas card in the mail. It was not addressed to the family, but just to me. You cannot imagine the thrill of seeing my name on an envelope with a stamp. It came from my girlfriend who lived just around the corner and she spent three cents to send me my very own Christmas cards. This was huge. I still remember the red cardinal sitting proudly on a barren branch with snow falling. Strange how those certain areas of our life are shaped by one small memory. My love of the Christmas season blossomed along with a life long love of greeting cards.

Season’s Greetings Cardinal Holiday Card

I cannot go into a store without looking at the greeting card display or pass up a greeting card catalog. The thought of sending a card on any occasion fills me with anticipation. Part of that is the thought of how someone will feel when they receive the card. I always imagine someone getting the mail out of the box, and the expression on their face when they see a card addressed to them. I suppose I am projecting my feelings of joy forward. I certainly hope that a small measure of my feelings can be felt through the card by the recipient. Good wishes should always carry through the paper, don’t you think?

Although, every occasion warrants a card, the holiday season will always be my favorite. There are so many beautiful cards to select. A lovely winter scene with smoke curling from a chimney, a frolicking quartet of snowmen or an ornament in brilliant colors festively displayed. The choices are so vast it makes me smile for days when I finally decide. Just imagine when I sit down and write out the cards, address the envelopes, then mail them off. Nothing says Christmas louder or more clearly than sending out the cards.

How lucky I am to have found a job later in my life working for a greeting card company? Going to work is a joy, pleasing people with our quality cards is a joy and most of all the hectic holiday season is joyful, tiring but joyful. I leave you with a wish for a wonderful holiday season filled with a mailbox of fabulous greeting cards!

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Francesca D. January 2, 2014 at 11:10 am

I look forward to the cards coming during the holiday season. I love getting the photo cards to see how big my friends’ kids are getting and I always love getting mail that isn’t a bill or a catalog. I put the cards on display for the entire month!

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