The Same Company Christmas Cards Go Unnoticed

by Henry L. on July 26, 2012

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I have purchased company Christmas cards for many years from The Gallery Collection and every year each person who receives them comments on how beautiful they are. I used to believe that having my name imprinted on the card was too impersonal, but then I realized instead of wasting my time writing my signature, I could write a personal message instead which then in turn makes them my personal custom Christmas cards.

Each year I use the previous year’s leftover cards to send to new names on my Christmas cards list, but last year I inadvertently sent the same design to a vendor two years in a row. However, she  still made the same nice comment about the card and totally forgot that I had given her the same card the previous year. Truly, she made such a fuss about how beautiful the card was both years, I think she didn’t want me to know that she knew it was the same card!

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