Custom Christmas Cards – Good For Business, Good For Friends

by Henry L. on November 19, 2012

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Custom Christmas cards are a great way to truly wish others a happy holiday season or a Merry Christmas. We’ve all been to the stores and card shops looking for cards that will be right to send out to others, but the greetings inside are often so generic as to take away from the well-wishing. Customizing the card adds that touch that shares the holiday warmth without the necessity of settling with “the thought that counts.”

In the wealth of ways that we interact with others – be it co-workers, co-members of organizations, or neighbors – personalized holiday cards allow the flexibility to express ourselves in ways that generic cards cannot. It’s the expression of one’s self that comes through to the recipient of customized cards.

I just recently received such a card from an employer. It was a lovely card on a high quality dark stock paper. As would be expected from a company that has diverse employees, they sent corporate holiday cards without any sectarian words or design. The greeting and signatures were what made it so personal for me. It was a simple note that brought to the fore my importance as an individual to the company, having the titles and signatures of the executives.

I think the finest card that one can give or receive is one that has been custom made to make an accurate expression of the value of another.

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