Sympathy Cards – One of the Many Types of Corporate All Occasion Cards

by Henry L. on March 22, 2012

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Extending your condolences, wishing a Happy Birthday, expressing your get well wishes or thanking someone for a gift or a job well done are occasions that occur in everyone’s personal life as well as in their work life.  It is just as important and beneficial to acknowledge these occasions as they occur in the lives of your employees, business associates and co-workers as it is to your friends and family.  The use of All Occasion cards in the workplace offers an opportunity to create goodwill and provide motivation.  They can express your wishes of sympathy or congratulate an achievement. Sympathy cards are one such type of all occasion cards that can be used in the work environment, along with Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations or just plain “Thinking of You”.

Not only is all occasion card giving important and beneficial in the workplace but boxes of assorted cards are a major time saver and convenience.   When these life events occur, you will be ready to respond without having to go to the store to buy a card for a specific occasion!  Your message of good wishes, congratulations or thoughts of sympathy will surely be expressed.

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