anniversary card

Design #338AY – Starlight Anniversary

by Henry L. on January 13, 2011

Giving or sending corporate anniversary cards is a perfect way to acknowledge a milestone. When an employee reaches another year of employment, my company gives that person an anniversary card signed by our executive team as well as our managers.  The card often contains a little note such as, “We are glad to have you […]

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Company Anniversary Cards Have Lasting Effects

by Henry L. on June 16, 2008

Whether people have just started on their career paths and are working at their first jobs or if someone has actually been in the workforce for almost forty years (like me), it’s always great to be able to say that one works for a great company and for great people. Happily, I can admit to […]

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The Benefits of Business Anniversary Cards

by Henry L. on February 8, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, anniversary cards aren’t just for personal occasions! Business anniversary cards are great for building company morale and enhancing business relationships.

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