assorted birthday cards

Birthday Cards Offer A Way To Stay Connected To Employees

by Carmella D. on September 19, 2013

So many companies have gone global and/or allow so many employees to telecommute that it is often difficult to make everyone feel like they are all part of the same team. People work in different time zones and on very different schedules. Global companies also have different locations celebrating different holidays, so they can’t necessarily […]


Business Birthday Cards – To Bulk or Not to Bulk

by Dolly A. on September 9, 2013

Business birthday cards are a great asset to any business today. Who doesn’t like to receive a card on their birthday? You can put it on your desk or on a shelf at home. It tells the world that you are not forgotten. Somebody remembers you were born on a certain day. Whether you are […]


The Subtle Advantage of Corporate Birthday Cards

by Janna D. on August 29, 2013

Everyone knows how great it feels to be remembered on his or her birthday. Cards, gifts and well wishes make a special day even more so, and we tend to remember those who take a moment out of their day to brighten ours. But there’s a not-so-secret bonus found in the practice of sending corporate […]


The Magic of Business Birthday Cards

by Janna D. on August 19, 2013

As a small business owner, I realized early on the importance of ‘the personal touch’ when it came to clients and employees alike. No one wants to feel like a number or a cog, and it was when I approached every connection on a more individual level that I saw the most amazing things happen. […]


An Assorted Birthday Cards Bonanza

by Allison H. on July 1, 2013

I’m not talking about that crazy TV western that spanned the 60s and 70s starring Lorne Greene, Michael Landon and Pernell Roberts. (By the way, did you know that Bonanza is the second longest running western series of all time? You’ll have to go look up what number one is, or perhaps you’ve already guessed […]


Working as an office administrator in a small office I am always coming up with new ways of showing appreciation to our employees. This is a little easier to do than working with a larger office because of the number of employees and costs. Here is my tip on birthdays and birthday cards for cozier […]


Assorted Birthday Cards Work For Everyone

by Henry L. on April 11, 2013

You can never go wrong with assorted birthday cards. When you send birthday cards at a company the recipient always expects it to be the same as someone else’s card. We think things like “they wouldn’t spend all of their time personalizing something for just me.” In all actuality the thought is what truly counts. […]


Keeping the Tradition of Birthday Cards Alive

by Henry L. on March 18, 2013

Need to talk? Send an email! Not sure how to spell a word? Spell check! Ah, the wonderful age of technology. Now don’t get me wrong – we have come a long way with the help of computers and other digital gadgets. But where does it end? Is it possible we are using technology a […]


I work as an assistant to the Regional Manager of a large retail chain. I’ve been doing this job for a number of years and part of that job is to make a trip to the local card store to pick up a few birthday cards for my boss to send to employees. While this […]


Assorted Birthday Cards – Your New Best Friend!

by Henry L. on January 17, 2013

As a small business owner, I strive to show my appreciation to each of my employees. I expect them to work hard, but they know that I truly care about them. One way that I show my appreciation is by giving each employee a card on their birthday. I recently purchased a box of assorted […]