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Do Get Well Cards Work?

by Henry L. on August 23, 2012

Sometimes we often forget that it is the simple things that make us smile and make our days brighter.   I am a manager for over 200 customer service representatives and with 200 of them, it is very hard to reach out to each and every one of them to let them know that I and […]


Get Well Cards Rescue the Sale

by Henry L. on January 16, 2012

I am a senior salesperson who had a really positive experience with Get Well cards.  In November, I was pursuing a lead for a new account.  My contact for the potential business was the CIO.  We had been to lunch a few times and I started feeling like the new deal could be mine.  I […]


In today’s fast paced business world, with all our modern technology right at our finger tips like emails, e-cards, and voicemail, mailing actual business get well cards to co-workers or business associates would have more personal meaning than you can imagine. Design #564AR, Butterfly Wishes Get Well Card, printed on glossy white card stock features […]

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Business Get Well Cards Speed Recovery

by Henry L. on September 14, 2009

Business get well cards carry a great deal more weight than their size might imply. As a valued measure of one’s likability, dependability, and loyalty, business get well cards can help speed recovery. When someone is injured or ailing, the best “medicine” may be in knowing that your presence and talents are missed and needed. […]

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When you have an occasion to send business get well cards, you don’t really want it to look like a corporate get well card. I mean, it should be friendly and attractive as opposed to stodgy and bland. When I look at design #222AY, Victorian Wreath Thinking of You Card, I see a soft and […]

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Business Get Well Cards and Pillows

by Henry L. on April 27, 2009

What do business get well cards have to do with pillows? That thought crossed my mind as we were looking over the new 2009 get well cards designs this morning. Design #115AY, Vintage Get Well Card, is a floral design reminiscent of years gone-by. One of my co-workers chimed in saying it reminded her of […]

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Business get well cards are among the different types of corporate greeting cards that companies often send. While these cards are usually passed around within an office for a variety of serious ailments, another reason to send these types of greeting cards is to spread humor and cheer among co-workers. For instance, one day I […]


Get Well Cards from my Doctor

by Henry L. on August 27, 2008

Here’s a little story of business get well cards and a visit to my doctor… If you are anything like me, you really have to be feeling pretty bad to call and make an appointment to go see a doctor.  Who wants to waste a vacation day or leave work early to go sit in […]

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It’s nice to receive get well cards when you’re sick. But what do you do if someone sends you an unwarranted get well card, mistakenly assuming you’re sick when you’re actually away from the office for a vacation?

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