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Welcome back to the 2009 version of the Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest Look-Back series. In today’s entry, we wanted to show off a couple of the finalists designs that, even though they were not turned into cards, we still thought should be seen by everyone. You can browse through the full collection of finalists from the […]


Design #072CT – Burgundy Jewel

by Henry L. on December 23, 2010

I have a “thing” for Christmas tree ornaments. I simply love them and can’t get enough. I have ornaments from the family trees of my childhood. I have homemade ornaments from those first few, somewhat impoverished newlywed years. I have ornaments collected by, and given to, various members of our family. Each year I buy […]

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Whether you’re looking for simple holiday cards or company Christmas cards, you might have a tough decision ahead of you; there are so many to choose from! It’s hard to pick just one. As I scanned through the vast selection of greeting cards on The Gallery Collection’s website, I looked for that one to jump […]

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Design #887CX – Golden Accents

by Henry L. on December 2, 2010

Design #887CX, Golden Accents Seasons Greeting Card, is one of The Gallery Collection’s most elegant and intricate Christmas ornament cards. The design is printed on a heavy, textured deep green paper stock and luxuriously accented with generous quantities of shimmering ruby and gold foils. The primary object of attention is the large garnet Christmas ornament, […]

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Design #092CW – Frosty Season’s Greetings

by Henry L. on November 24, 2010

I usually get around to disposing the personalized Christmas cards I received during the holiday season sometime around the 4th of July. This year I seem to have gotten a jump on it…I started during the second week of June! As I toss these cards into the trash I can’t help but notice that quite […]

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Design #624CX – American Homestead Winter

by Henry L. on November 18, 2010

American Homestead Winter Holiday Card, design #624CX, is a reproduction of an original Currier & Ives print depicting a winter scene of years gone by. The sheer simplicity of this winter scene holiday card printed in sepia-like tones evokes fond memories of a life uncomplicated by the hustle and bustle of modern day society. An […]

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If you’re looking for classy corporate Christmas cards but are more traditional in nature, design #684CX, Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card, may be to your liking. It features a festively decorated Christmas tree adorned with thin gold and silver garland, gold ornaments, and blue ribbons with a large blue Christmas bow atop the highest branch. […]

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When I think of Christmas cards, or more specifically, business Christmas cards, I usually think of brightly colored designs with reds and greens…you know, something cheery and uplifting. What I don’t think of is black, as in a black stock card. I always thought of these cards as kind of dull and depressing. I’ve never […]

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Design #158CX – Little Tree of Thanks

by Henry L. on October 14, 2010

“More Thanksgiving cards,” you said, and we have added several new designs at The Gallery Collection. We are seeing more and more interest in sending seasonal cards to convey best wishes during the fall and winter holidays. Among our newest cards is Little Tree of Thanks Holiday Card, design #158CX, by Marla Shega. At first […]

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Design #127CX – Season’s Greetings Jewel

by Henry L. on March 18, 2010

I see Season’s Greetings cards, personalized Christmas cards, holiday cards, and all occasion cards every day. No, it’s not because I’m card-obsessed; it’s the job I have. The company I work for produces over 300 card designs in the aforementioned categories. Being objective about these cards when it comes to describing them is a little […]

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