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The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

by Henry L. on November 22, 2012

I love to receive corporate holiday cards. It seems lately that businesses have really put some effort into sending cards to clients and customers. I have received some very lovely cards with some of the most beautiful foil art on the front. And the sentiments are actually more personable than they used to be. I […]


Company Holiday Cards Can Help Your New Business

by Henry L. on September 10, 2012

Due to the economic downsizing my husband lost his job and went on the unemployment line for a while. He had a passion for food and wanted to start a business with this idea. Having a culinary background in college it seemed like a great idea!  They say do what you love and it won’t […]


The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

by Henry L. on August 30, 2012

The corporate holiday cards I send every year are not only my way of wishing greetings for the holidays, but they are also my way of connecting with people I have not had contact with for a while. At least I know once a year we can catch up with each other’s lives and bring […]


Before I started working for the Gallery Collection I never gave any thought to company Christmas cards. When I worked for other companies it was someone else’s job to choose the holiday card.  Now that I am in the midst of the corporate Christmas card world I realize that the card that is chosen will […]


Company Holiday Cards Are Good Reminders

by Henry L. on July 2, 2012

Recently I received very classy company holiday cards from a group I had done business with about 3 years ago.  When it arrived I thought it was from my cousin who owns her own business and it is doing very well.  It was a beautiful envelope with a gold foil lining and a frilly edge.  […]


Corporate Christmas Cards: Employee Edition

by Henry L. on September 15, 2011

Corporate Christmas cards help spread holiday cheer to clients and patrons alike. And they can be good for business too, seeing as they are a great way to advertise. But during the holiday season, it’s a good idea to share some of that Christmas cheer with the people who help make your business possible—your dedicated […]


While family and friends were visiting with me over the holidays, my cousin Jean noticed the beautiful Christmas card that I had received from The Gallery Collection which, along with the many holiday cards I received, was displayed on my credenza. When I told her the card was from my employer, she commented on what […]


Self Proclaimed Holiday Greeting Cards Snob

by Henry L. on May 1, 2008

Working for a greeting card company has turned me into a snob when it comes to holiday greeting cards! Whenever I see greeting cards in stores, I judge them! First, I critique the design on the front of the card. Second, I have to feel the greeting card to check the quality of the paper […]

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