corporate christmas cards

Your clients have helped your business grow and become successful. Don’t they deserve to be remembered and thanked? Don’t you want your company name to stay in their minds? Send them corporate Christmas cards! Holiday cards let your client know that you appreciate them and their business. They spread good cheer and happiness at a […]


I remember when I began with what was, at that time, a “start up company” during the summer of 2004. Since our company was so new we were continuously working on smoothing out the bumps along the road and getting into the swing of things. Of course, we were super busy especially being that we […]


Christmas Cards Made Simple

by Albert B. on October 21, 2013

The demands associated with running a new business can be hard, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. When I started running my own HVAC Systems business, I was not quite prepared for the sometimes overwhelming tasks that come hand in hand with running your own business. I started it in March and […]


Christmas Cards- Still a Good Business Decision

by Anita O. on October 3, 2013

Many difficult decisions have to be made by the average business owner on a daily basis. In this economy, where every day there are reports that the market is on a downturn and also that another recession is on the horizon, these decisions must be made carefully. So as the leaves begin to turn colors, […]


My Corporate Christmas Cards Victory

by Henry L. on November 12, 2012

Every once in a while my boss will give me some odd jobs, for instance, last year she put me in charge of ordering some Christmas cards for the whole office. Of course I decided to push this off until the last minute. Thank goodness for The Gallery Collection, who certainly saved the day for […]


Make Your Corporate Christmas Cards Perfect

by Henry L. on October 11, 2012

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and have always been able to find corporate Christmas cards that ideally match what I want to say, and how I want to say it, with style. Sometimes I go for poignant or nostalgic; other years I want something more modern. Whatever I feel it takes to […]


Yes, I Intend to Send Corporate Christmas Cards

by Henry L. on September 13, 2012

Did you say this is socially unacceptable and politically incorrect? Bah humbug. I know the reason for the Christmas season and will stay with its original purpose. Peace on earth, goodwill to men, a Christmas Eve service at a hometown church with a tranquil nativity scene in front to remind us of what is most […]


Company Holiday Cards Can Help Your New Business

by Henry L. on September 10, 2012

Due to the economic downsizing my husband lost his job and went on the unemployment line for a while. He had a passion for food and wanted to start a business with this idea. Having a culinary background in college it seemed like a great idea!  They say do what you love and it won’t […]


I would mention my name and business if I was not so paranoid about online identification disclosures. However, like any industry, my small courier business needs exposure, it needs to be “out there” for people to see and take us into account. What does that have to do with corporate Christmas cards? It’s simple… My […]


So you think not sending business Christmas cards this year is a good way to help save money in this recession? Think again! Now is not the time to cut back on your advertising. Sending Christmas cards is one of the best ways to increase your company’s visibility in a most economical way. In fact, […]