A Business Anniversary Cards Dinosaur Milestone

by Henry L. on February 24, 2009

This morning Melody B. was greeted at work by a business anniversary cards signed by our Chairman of the Board, our President, the managers she reports to, and myself – her supervisor. Twenty years in a company is certainly a milestone! It shows years of dedication and loyalty. Melody has been a customer service rep […]

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When I started working at The Gallery Collection, I was an order taker. I quickly learned something interesting…many orders were for business birthday cards. “What a great idea,” I thought! Birthday cards from the boss! Giving a card is a wonderful and easy way to boost morale and impress employees, especially if it is a […]

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Birthday Cards and Good Company

by Henry L. on April 23, 2008

Every year we get those cheery reminders that the little odometer inside of us just went up one. Those reminders are commonly known as birthday cards. Some of those birthday cards contain balloons, cakes, streamers, sailboats, palm trees, etc. and they all have meaningful or funny sentiments. I am probably in the majority when I […]

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Sending birthday cards is certainly a thoughtful gesture. Greeting cards also contribute to building and sustaining positive relationships in the business world or in your personal realm.

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The Benefits of Business Anniversary Cards

by Henry L. on February 8, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, anniversary cards aren’t just for personal occasions! Business anniversary cards are great for building company morale and enhancing business relationships.

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