Birthday Party Games For Your Office Party

by Evangeline R. on March 24, 2014

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Celebrating an office birthday party doesn’t just have to be about eating cake or goodies. Playing games is always great for office moral. There are several fun ways to celebrate a co-workers birthday in the office. Send around a questionnaire asking ten questions about the birthday man or woman. Make them simple such as, what is their favorite TV show or what is their favorite color. It’s a great way to celebrate a birthday and also to get to know your co-worker better. Not only does this help to become more familiar with your colleague’s, but it also helps to build team unity.

"The Christmas Party"

Everyone loves movies. This next game will have everyone willing to participate.  Using several sticky notes, write the name of a movie on each one. Each participant will then have one of these notes stuck to their back or back of their chair. Each person takes a turn in asking their colleagues a question such as who is the main star or when was the movie made. This game will continue until everyone has successfully guessed the movie title. The person to successfully guess their movie first becomes the winner.

Movies are a big part of our pop culture and movie quotes are repeated constantly inside and outside of the office. Here is another movie game for willing participants. Write down a list of movie quotes such as, “I’ll be back” and have everyone write their movie guess on a piece of paper. For each correct answer, one point is given. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game is announced the winner.  This also helps colleagues to bond as they learn of common interests. Playing games in the office also makes coming to work everyday a pleasant experience. It boosts office moral and employees are motivated to complete their office tasks.

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