How we Reduce our Impact on the Environment

EPA Green Power Partnership
In 2008, The Gallery Collection became an EPA Green Power Partner. The EPA offers this partnership to organizations that voluntarily purchase renewable energy to offset their electricity use. To learn more about the Green Power Partnership, please visit

Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Credits
Many companies are seeking to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint by offsetting fossil fuel consumption with renewable energy. As of November 2007, The Gallery Collection purchased enough kilowatt hours of certified RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) to offset 100% of the electricity usage at our headquarters and at our production facility for the next three years. These RECs, which we purchased from award-winning Renewable Choice Energy in Boulder, Colorado, are being generated by wind farms, biomass, and small hydro projects across the United States. All RECs purchased from Renewable Choice are Green-e certified, which guarantees that the amount of kilowatt hours of energy that we purchased will be placed on the national electric grid in the form of renewable energy.

Wind Power Commitment
In 2006, The Gallery Collection made a commitment to wind power, reflecting the paper stock used to produce many of our business Christmas cards and all-occasion cards as well as our envelopes. This paper is manufactured in mills in which the electricity consumption is 100% offset by wind power energy. Unlike fossil fuels, wind power energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and is fully renewable. To date, over 200 of our greeting cards and all of our envelopes are made with paper that comes from these eco-friendly mills.

Vegetable-Based Inks
All of The Gallery Collection's greeting cards are printed with agri-based inks made from vegetable oils extracted from linseed and soy. Many other greeting card companies use petroleum-based inks, which have been known to contaminate soil and groundwater and emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere. These VOCs cause air pollution and ozone depletion as well as respiratory disease when directly inhaled. Vegetable-based inks not only come from renewable sources, but they also emit very minimal amounts of VOCs, making our greeting cards a safer choice for human beings and for the environment.

Made in the USA
All of The Gallery Collection's products are 100% domestic, which means that each greeting card we sell is made solely in the USA with the help of American-run mills, factories, printers, and warehouses. Not only does this eliminate the use of energy-reliant shipping means from overseas, but we're also fueling the American economy by contracting domestic businesses instead of following the all-too-popular trend of using cheaper companies in other parts of the world.

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