Pricing - Museum Art Masterpieces

Your discount is 40% off each order!
5 $332.40 $199.44
10 $412.00 $247.20
20 $709.10 $425.46
30 $996.60 $597.96
40 $1,241.00 $744.60
50 $1,438.40 $863.04
60 $1,659.80 $995.88
70 $1,861.80 $1,117.08
80 $2,036.40 $1,221.84
90 $2,291.00 $1,374.60
100 & Over $2,435.10 per C = 100 $1,461.06

Standard Imprinting (Foil)

Prices include your choice of greeting and 2 lines of personalized imprint in gold foil. Additional lines of imprint @ $2.00 each line. Maximum number of lines: 5.


Prices include cream-colored envelopes.

Envelope Imprinting

To add a touch of class and eliminate a time-consuming job, let us foil stamp your envelope flaps with your 2 or 3 line return address. Imprinting will be done in gold foil to match your card imprint. Add $15.00 setup plus 10¢ per envelope to your net (after discount) price.

Sample Requests

Samples are available for $10.00 each to help defray some of the cost of the product and shipping charges. These Masterpieces sell for as much as two to three times this price in Museums and Art Stores. To order your sample, please call 1-201-641-0070 with your Museum Art Masterpiece Print # and your credit card information and we'll process your request immediately.

Minimum Order

5; next quantity 10, then all larger quantities in multiples of 10.

Shipping Time

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Shipping & Handling Charge

Charges are based on quantity ordered and ship to location as shown in your order summary or Click Here to calculate your S&H charges.

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