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Birthday Boxes

Birthday Card Assortment Box 1
Design 701851

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)
Birthday Card Assortment Box 2
Design 701853

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)
Birthday Card Assortment Box 3
Design 701855

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)
From All of Us Birthday Card Assortment Box
Design 701870

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)
Formal Birthday Card Assortment Box
Design 701871

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

All-Occasion Boxes

All-Occasion Card Assortment Box 1
Design 701847

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)
All-Occasion Card Assortment Box 2
Design 701849

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Sympathy Boxes

Sympathy Card Assortment Box
Design 701862

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)
Formal Sympathy Card Assortment Box
Design 701873

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Get Well Boxes

Get Well Card Assortment Box
Design 701860

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Anniversary Boxes

Anniversary Card Assortment Box
Design 701845

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Fine Art Note Card Boxes

Fine Art Note Card Assortment Box
Design 701858

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Thank You Boxes

Thank You Card Assortment Box
Design 701864

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Congratulations Boxes

Congratulations Card Assortment Box
Design 701857

$55.50 - $61.50 (per box)

Do you interrupt your workday and your life to run to the store every time you suddenly need to send a greeting card? Run no more, have a Gallery Collection Assortment Box of business greeting cards on-hand, ready to address and mail!

You can't procrastinate when it comes to sending Business Christmas Cards, Birthday greetings, Get Well wishes, or sentiments of Sympathy. An Anniversary, like a Birthday, has a date all its own, and tardiness diminishes your thoughtfulness. Saying Congratulations and Thank You in a timely manner packs a lot more punch than as a late after-thought. With Gallery Collection Assortment Boxes, you can have the perfect business greeting card at your fingertips whenever you need it.

You can choose an assortment that includes business greeting cards for varied occasions, or you can choose an assortment of the one kind more specific to your usual needs. You will never again be caught unprepared to wish Happy Birthday to a reliable staff member, to send a get well wish to a good friend, or to send sympathy sentiments to a valued client. Watch team productivity soar when you send, in writing, immediate congratulations on a job well-done, and acknowledge employee loyalty on the individual's very own work anniversary. Let clients know how much you appreciate their business, when you send premium quality Thank You cards from The Gallery Collection. Impress potential clients when you thank them for their time and consideration.

Our assortment boxes are tastefully packaged in reusable storage boxes that keep your greeting cards and envelopes clean and flat. Each box contains 35 of our most popular, unique designs featuring shimmering foils, rich colors and deeply sculpted embossing. With 38 pearl-lined, deckle-edged envelopes included, you have leeway for addressing errors that need neat correction. Once you experience the convenience of our wonderfully attractive assortment boxes, you'll also want to give them as gifts to friends, family and business associates; these assortments are practical, beautiful, and never go out of style.

Stop wasting your precious time, energy and money; and stop missing important opportunities to communicate! Let our Gallery Collection Business Greeting Card Assortment Boxes help to earn your reputation as a stand-out, top-notch communicator of distinguishing excellence!