September 2017

Why the Small Details Matter When Sending a Greeting Card

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Sending a greeting card is a wonderful gesture of kindness. For some reason the art of sending a greeting card is becoming very rare. Younger generations seem to be more into e-cards or shooting a text. However, it is important to keep this tradition alive. A lot of people receive tons of mail every day […]


Office Break Room Etiquette

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  If you work in an office with a break room, you’ve probably taken advantage of it at some point. As with any shared space, it’s important that you and your colleagues don’t forget some common courtesies, intentionally or not. Here’s a quick list of things to remember about office break room etiquette. Clean up […]


Corporate holiday cards present a wonderful opportunity during the holidays to thank those colleagues and clients who have meant so much to us throughout the year. A simple but always appreciated gesture such as sending a holiday card can resonate in a powerful way. Nevertheless, there are some out there who are still wary of […]


Reasons to Send Calendar Cards for the Holidays

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Does it frustrate you that your Holiday Cards just get thrown out every year? No matter how soon you send them it just feels like you are delivering them to your recipient’s trashcan. While some people do save them year after year, many do not. If you want a more economical way to send Holiday […]


Thanksgiving Cards vs. Holiday Cards

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It’s an age old debate. Should we send Thanksgiving Cards? If yes, are we going to send Christmas/Holiday Cards as well? I’m here to tell you that both sides don’t need to be at odds. Go ahead and send your Holiday card as you normally do each year, but you should also consider sending that Thanksgiving […]


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