November 2017

The Gallery Collection has many options to personalize your Christmas cards. One great choice is to display your company name on the front of the card, so when clients display your card, they are also promoting your business. Here are some card designs The Gallery Collection offers that allow you to place your company’s name […]


Company Christmas Cards That Make an Impact

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My personal favorites are the Feature Your Company Name Holiday Cards which allow you to see the name of the company or CEO/Owner’s name on the front of the card. These designs add an extra dash of professionalism to your greeting cards. Industry specific cards are wonderful as well since they show more than just […]


Christmas is a great time during the year, even for those who don’t celebrate it like myself. Even without celebrating all the cheer and joy of the season spills over into your life regardless as people celebrate all around you. Beautiful decorations are all around and stores have awesome Christmas sales we can all enjoy. […]


3 Reasons to Add Signatures to Your Christmas Cards

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  While it is always nice to personally hand sign any greeting card, it is not always practical. During the holidays, most companies send out Christmas cards to all their vendors, customers and other business contacts. This can be a huge mailing for most companies. Face it, signing 25 personal cards can be an overwhelming […]


Congratulations to our Fourth Round Winners!


  Receiving a card for an event that has already passed is the worst. Don’t want your stunning Business Holiday card to immediately see the trash? Think about why it’s important to send out your Business Holiday cards early. Many people (and companies) like to display their cards well in advance of the Holidays. This […]