September 2019

How to Pick This Year’s Company Holiday Card

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You want to impress your boss, but boy is it a lot of pressure to make a decision for the whole company. Sure, it’s only a card. A card that will be given to every client, personal contact of your boss, as well as the whole company’s staff! When you are faced with a decision […]

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Why I Love Assortment Boxes

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I love the Assortment Boxes because you have a whole host of cards available and ready to used or mailed out at a moment’s notice.  I keep a list of all birthdays and important dates of my immediate and extended family and always still mail out a card for that important milestone.  I also love […]


What Should I Write On My Christmas Cards?

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If you are overwhelmed by the idea of picking your Christmas cards, let alone what to say in them, you’ve come to the right place. Here are tips to help get you Ho-Ho-Holiday ready in no time. You want to send out a card that is appropriate for your intended audience but that also matches […]


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