What are Museum Art Masterpieces?

It’s always in good form to make a genuine effort to acknowledge clients and colleagues during the holidays, on special occasions, or just to congratulate them on a job remarkably well done.  Quite often, a finely crafted greeting card encompasses all the elements necessary to convey your message in an attractive and thoughtful manner.  However, there are certain instances when you may wish to push the envelope so to say and venture in a slightly different direction.  It may be the case that you wish to mark a particularly special occasion, or that your recipients possess refined, discriminating taste and have an undeniable passion for the arts.  If so, then feel free to take a long, appreciative look at Museum Art Masterpieces.

Museum Art Masterpieces are just what their name implies.  Nestled behind an elegantly embossed front cover printed with an occasion-appropriate greeting and your organization’s name proudly stamped in vibrant gold foil is a 9” by 12” reproduction of a timeless, influential, and evocative piece of art created by a true, recognized master.  Works from some of history’s greatest artists are available in the Museum Art Masterpiece collection, and these reproductions are double matted and mounted so your clients and colleagues can gladly frame and display their unique and generous gift for all to see.  For those who have everything, give them something that they can never have.  Maybe owning one of these actual works of art is an impossibility, but the opportunity to view a beautiful reproduction every day can elicit a serenity, an appreciation, a sense of awe that is just as real as the feeling evoked by the genuine article.

Corporate Greeting Cards Can Mean Big Business

A corporate greeting card can be an important business tool, especially during the holiday season. Adding a personal touch to a business or institution by sending an elegantly crafted card can help separate your business from the pack. It is far too easy to blend in with the crowd in today’s fast-paced world of industry and commerce, but a thoughtful card can make a big difference in this case.

business handshake

Not only is a corporate greeting card a tool for growth, it is also a tool for creating and maintaining business relationships. Choosing a card that both represents your business, as well as the person or company receiving it, will make your message even stronger.

There is even a way to implement something truly unique by sending a corporate holiday invitation to help keep the spirit alive and well during this important time of year.

Making sure your business maintains close relationships with consumers, partners or even family and friends is an extremely beneficial business strategy. Greeting cards than send a warm and positive message can be a powerful and effective way to get this message across. From birthdays to holidays, and everything in between, there is certainly a card to fit whatever occasion with the Gallery Collection’s extensive selection.

How Corporate Greeting Cards Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

     Growing up in my household, my mother explained to me that a card was the most important part to any gift.  She always used to tell my brother and I that “It’s ok if you can’t afford a gift, but at least make or buy me a card.”  Through the years, greeting cards have become an important yet convenient way to express our feelings during the holidays or during a special occasion.  In many ways, a card can represent how you are as an individual.


     If you have your own business, greeting cards are a perfect way to add a personal touch in the corporate world.  Sending a card to customers, clients, or co-workers immediately leaves a positive impression.  It shows that you are thoughtful and that you appreciate their business or time.

     As a boss or manager, a card can be a wonderful option to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work.  You can use greeting cards as great recognition around the holidays, on an employee’s birthday, or even to congratulate them on a big event in their life.  As an employee, a card can be a great way to show your boss or managers that you appreciate their assistance and guidance.  Maybe there is a holiday that one of your employees celebrates, but no one else shares this holiday in the office.  A card is a great way to show this employee that you acknowledge and respect their beliefs.

     Cards are always a good idea to send to customers or clients as well.  In the corporate world, a card is the perfect way to remind customers or clients that you haven’t forgotten about them.  It may even bring some of them back in the near future to help you close that future sale or business contract.  My dentist always sends me a birthday card every year and I always appreciate it.  It always reminds me that I need to go for a cleaning soon as well.  They are being thoughtful, but also helping bring business in.

     A card can show those in the corporate world your overall lifestyle and personality.  What colors did you pick out for your card?  How long is the greeting inside?  How personal is the greeting inside?  Did the person write their own message? What type of theme does the card have? These can all reflect the type of person that people see day to day in the work place. If you are sending cards to customers or clients, always remember that a card can reflect your entire business.

In The Business World Corporate Greeting Cards Make All The Difference

Whether it’s a hotel, a financial management firm, a gym, a restaurant, a lawyer’s office, or a grocery store – businesses know that reaching out to customers is what makes or breaks them. In today’s market, consumers have more than enough choices when it comes to where they take their business, which means they can be as picky as they want. Sure, some of us might not care much as to how friendly, genuine or in touch a business is, but believe me, the majority of people care about these things and more. People feel that purchasing something is an endorsement, a vote, as to who is worthy of their hard earned cash. So it’s very important to rise to these demands and meet the challenges of today’s market with ease and grace. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through corporate greeting cards, especially birthday cards. Everyone loves to be remembered on their birthday and what better way to advertise your business or to keep your business fresh in people’s minds? It’s genius I tell you. In the process of wishing your customer a Happy Birthday, you’re essentially advertising your business. Your customer will hang the card up along with all their other birthday cards, and people will see what a caring business you are. It certainly sets yourself apart from the competition.

corporate greeting cards

Let me reiterate that: corporate greeting cards are a must in today’s business market. There really is no better way to make a subtle statement about your top rate services. Not only will you be happy to portray the right image, your customers will be satisfied knowing you keep them in your thoughts. Making someone smile is a great thing and if that smile means more success for your company, it makes it all the better.

I know I personally love it when the hotel I booked knows I’m there for an anniversary, and they leave a nice anniversary card for us on the pillow. It really gives the hotel experience that extra magical touch. Attention to detail is important for me. Or that time my gym noticed I hadn’t attended in a few days, found out from my sister that I was trying to get over the flu, and sent me a really thoughtful get well card in the mail. My stock broker has event sent me various cards, most recently, you guessed it, a birthday card. I still shop at these places who have taken the time to forge strong bonds with me and that makes me think that greeting cards are without a doubt the best thing you can do for your business.

Business Greeting Cards Keep You In The Minds Of Customers

I’ve noticed lately that when I visit a new store or restaurant and join their “frequent visitors” list, one of the questions they ask is “when is your birthday” or “when is your anniversary”. I guess in the back of my mind I wondered if they’d send business greeting cards, but that seemed so personal and I always thought of most businesses as just the opposite. Imagine my surprise when I got a birthday card from my favorite new restaurant.

Aside from the good will something like corporate greeting cards spread, there is the word of mouth that, as we all know, can make or break many businesses today. I was on the phone and Facebook immediately telling all my friends about getting birthday cards from the restaurant we had all just eaten in a few months ago. Without exception, everyone commented on how thoughtful it was that they actually acted upon the information they collected.

Then there was the Thank You card my daughter received from the sales woman at the furniture store. Yet another example of business greeting cards showing that someone took a little extra time to show appreciation. We all know, there are lots of stores out there, not to mention all the online options for shopping. When a business takes the time to say “Thank You for Choosing Us” it leaves a real impression. I know the next time I am shopping for furniture, I will think about going back to this particular store. They were kind enough to thank us for our business; I will return the gesture by shopping there and recommending them to friends and family.

It’s not just restaurants and retail establishments that have realized the value of business greeting cards though. I changed dentists last year and now I get a greeting card from him on my birthday or whenever I refer someone to his practice.

It’s a good feeling to be appreciated or remembered – whether it’s a restaurant, furniture store or even my dentist!

Business Greeting Cards and Missed Opportunities

Did you order your business greeting cards this year? If you did – congratulations! You won! Won what, you say? You won the opportunity to advertise your business. Greeting cards are one of the most economical ways to get your name out there and then keep it out there. Many companies order holiday greeting cards, which are kind of expected. Spreading greetings of the season, goodwill and maybe a thank you, is the most common. However, we are not limited to sending greetings just once a year. We now have the opportunity and ability to keep our name in the minds of customers’ throughout the year. Thank you cards would likely be the next best way to keep your name in the fore front. Thank you for your business. Thank you for considering us. Thank you for your referral. These are just a few reasons one might send a thank you card.

Corporate greeting cards are no longer limited to holiday and thank you. How about a calendar card? One that can be hung up and viewed all year long. Include your company name, address, telephone number and even an email or web address. A card that will stand out all year long. Make it more personal by sending a birthday card.

Advertisements in a newspaper are costly and you can never be sure what audience you are reaching. Is also quite generic. Sending business greeting cards is a direct hit. You can be sure that it is getting to your intended target. Exposure is the name of the game. What better way to do it!

Corporate Greeting Cards Make You Memorable

Technology has led to a very impersonal connection we have with one another.  Email, texting, facebook, twitter, even if you want to “hangout” these days it means you sit on your computer.  I guess at least then you can see another person.  The point is our world has changed from face to face, to on the phone, to “Did you get my text?” Because of this corporate greeting cards are becoming a lost art.  People don’t want to take the time and consideration to write out a personal greeting when they can save three minutes and send a text.  I think this is a huge mistake.

Think back to your last birthday.  I’m sure 20 people you don’t ever see said Happy Birthday on your facebook wall or sent you a meaningless text.  But how many of you can say you received an actual card?  My guess is not too many.  However, I bet those of you lucky enough to receive a card can tell me exactly who it was from.  This is why you should send business greeting cards.  It makes people remember you, it shows people you care, and it puts a personal touch in an otherwise impersonal world.

When to Give Employee Anniversary Cards

When it’s your wedding anniversary you’d better give anniversary cards, this is a lesson I learned years ago. I could get all the jewelry money could buy, but if I don’t get that card it’s as if I hadn’t done a thing, which means no sleep for a week. I buy flowers, jewelry, etc. and here’s the reaction, “What,  no card?! What kind of husband are you?”

With that said, let’s talk about employee anniversary cards. You know, the ones your company, if you are lucky enough, give you every year. The business anniversary card that tells you how much they appreciate you and the many years of loyal and dedicated service you have given them. That makes such a big impact on an employee who is dedicated to his company. Personally, I like that acknowledgement. At my company everyone receives a card every year to mark the length of their employment. Not only do you receive a card, it’s given to you directly from the CEO or President of the company.

In a week I will be receiving corporate greeting cards from either the president or the CEO of the company I work for. It will be my 5 year anniversary. Having my hard work recognized gives me a good feeling. Sending anniversary cards to employees and co-workers is good for everyone.

Corporate Greeting Cards For Everyone

When my Dad owned his construction business years ago he was a very considerate boss. Respect was a two way street at his office.  He always asked his assistant, my mom, to run to the card store for specialty cards.  His always had corporate greeting cards to fit every occasion.  He appreciated his employees so much that an anniversary, birthday or any other occasion never went by without him acknowledging that special day in the life of his workers. One day my mom forgot to send a card for a particular birthday to an employee.  This was a milestone birthday for this worker and it was important to my dad that he received his card on time. There weren’t any cards on hand in the office so he went himself to a store to pick out a card.

He came across the idea to order boxed greeting cards online. This way he would always have them on hand at the office.  This was a good fit for his thinking; he would always be ready with that perfect card to send for any occasion.  The companies’ business greeting cards tradition was a welcome practice by all the employees.  It gave them a sense of appreciation in more ways than one.

Corporate Greeting Cards Give Your Business A Personal Touch

Have you ever worked for a business that gave its employees corporate greeting cards? I have. I enjoyed receiving a special card on my birthday, filled with signatures of people I worked for. I loved opening up my Thanksgiving and holiday cards. It made me feel valued. Appreciated. I knew I was not just a number; I was someone they took pride in being able to call an employee. Because of that, I knew how important little things, such as greeting cards, meant for a successful business.

A few years ago, I decided to venture into the world of real estate. As many independent contractors and business owners know, it’s crucial to build a positive rapport with clients for referral business. While working with buyers and sellers, I made it a priority to get to know my clients. I kept a log of all their birthdays. I wrote down their “Home” Anniversary.  My list grew longer and longer, as did my need to send out greeting cards on a weekly basis! Thank You cards, holiday cards, employee anniversary cards; you name it— I send them out very often.

Referral business is important, but clients like to know they are working with genuine individuals. Because I take time out of my busy day to remember the people that helped me succeed, I’ve been able to continue doing what I love. However, it’s not just about the business itself; it’s about the relationships which simple gestures, such as business greeting cards, create. For all of this, I have to thank the company I once worked for. I’ve never forgotten how valued I felt from tearing an envelope to find a special greeting card waiting for me.