All I Want Christmas Card

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All I Want Christmas Card

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Design 57WJS
All I Want Christmas Card
Amanda Vignoli

Print Method: Digital Printing
Card Size: 7-7/8" x 5-1/2"
Paper: 111 lb. white glossy card stock (14 pt thickness)

Design Details: This card is digitally printed in ink. Text can be personalized on the front of the card.

Artist's Description: Remember the jingle? "All I want for Chrithmath ith my two front teeth." Charm your dental office clients with a Christmas card blast from the past and show your appreciation for their patronage with this standout design.

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Renewable Energy Recycled Paper Windpower

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Renewable Energy

Prudent Publishing Co. makers of "The Gallery Collection" line of greeting cards has been buying renewable energy credits to offset 100% of our energy usage for years. We've continued to support renewable energy by purchasing renewable energy credits but we've also taken it a step further and built our own 1,000 kilowatt solar energy plant!

Recycled Paper

ALL of our envelopes are made from "Recycled Paper". Some of our cards are also made from "Recycled Paper". According to the FTC a manufacturer may label a paper produce as "Recycled" only if it contains 30% post-consumer waste. All of our envelopes meet this criteria without sacrificing any quality or elegance!


The paper that this product is made with was manufactured in a paper mill powered by wind-generated, renewable energy. Wind power energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, is fully renewable and reduces the need for imported oil.



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