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Thank You Cards

Say “Please” and “Thank You,” we are taught as children. Guess which one is under-used? It’s easy to remember to say, “Please,” when we want something. If only we remembered to say “Thank You,” more often. Our line of Thank You cards is sure to come in handy!

If you have invited someone to become your client, be sure to thank them when they do. If they haven’t yet contracted for your service, have you thanked them for their time and attention in considering you? That may be just the touch that turns their business into your business.

Do customers come your way by word-of-mouth? Take pen in hand and personally thank those who have referred others to you. You will become renowned for your professional courtesy and acumen. Expressing words of gratitude in a Thank You card is equally as important as acknowledging other important events in the lives of colleagues and clients when it is traditional to send Sympathy cards for the loss of a loved one or an Anniversary card when an employee celebrates a milestone with your company.

Do you express your thanks to employees who have come through for you when their effort was especially important? Have you thanked vendors who beat a crucial deadline on your behalf? Surely you can imagine that your thanks are more likely to attract repeated positive results when they are presented in writing on a premium quality Thank You card.

If you work with a charity organization, or enjoy the benefits of volunteer workers, it is especially important to tender your gratitude frequently and formally with Thank You cards. If you are a fund-raiser, you should consider that no expensive, glossy solicitation attracts as much repeat generosity as a simple and sincere expression of gratitude for prior donation.

And, of course, remember to say Thank You for social hospitality, for gifts received, and for any favors you have enjoyed, including those of emotional support. You might also consider having Get Well cards and Birthday cards on hand so that you don’t miss those other opportunities to further build your business and personal relationships.

One thing we can promise, you will never regret saying Thank You!