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Windpower Cards

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There are many ways to implement “green” practices on a personal or professional level, whether it be through recycling, conservation or utilizing alternative methods of energy. Harnessing the power of wind is one approach that helps sustain the Earth’s resources. Commercial use of windpower has steadily increased over the years, offering eco-conscious companies an effective and economical way to be more sensitive to our environment.

If you have ever flown a kite, you have used windpower at its most basic level. On a larger scale, very tall wind turbines scattered across open landscapes capture wind to convert into electricity that can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as lighting residential homes or powering manufacturing machines.

Among the advantages to using windpower:

  • It is one of the most unpolluted forms of energy and is processed without emissions, having a small impact on the environment.
  • We have an ample amount of wind at our disposal.
  • Wind is a safe and inexpensive alternative to fossil fueled energy.

The Gallery Collection is proud to invest in paper stock that is manufactured with windpower. In this greeting card category, you will find designs that are produced with wind-powered energy. Additionally, the high-quality envelopes you will receive with every order in our entire card line are manufactured with the windpower process as well. By ordering our elegant greeting cards, you’ll know that your purchase will contribute to an eco-friendly practice.