Gallery Collection

Putting the Quality in our Premium Quality Greeting Cards

People who do not manufacture or sell greeting cards probably rarely give much thought to the actual finished product; the cards are simply something received, enjoyed, and discarded. However, professionals in the printing business have a unique perspective and look at the product very differently. The aesthetic value of the design and the overall sentiment expressed will inspire a person to be attracted to the greeting card, but if there is ink missing or the card is bent, the chances of someone sending it have certainly decreased.

Next time you receive a personal or business greeting card, look closely at it. Are there shiny areas on the card? Then it was most likely hot foil stamped. Can you see any spots where foil looks like it might be missing? Are there any spots of foil that look like they don't really belong? Does the foil rub off when you touch it? Does any embossing match up with the image being embossed? These are just a few of the many things that our trained personnel must inspect.

Producing high quality personalized greeting cards is of utmost importance to The Gallery Collection. We enforce quality control measures throughout each stage of our production process. There are many specifications to carefully monitor such as color, the cutting of the paper stock and the quality of the embossing.

From the initial manufacturing of our personal and business greeting cards to the actual production of orders, and finally to the packing and shipping of the product, we are constantly on the lookout for cards that fail to meet our high standards. The care and pride we take in identifying printing inconsistencies or other imperfections ensure that our customers receive the finest personalized greeting cards available.