Personalized Sympathy Cards for Co-Workers & Business Associates

Reaction is often automatic and swift when conveying your sympathy wishes when there is a death among family and friends. You reach out from your heart, without hesitation. When a co-worker or business associate experiences such a loss, you may pause to wonder what action on your part might be appropriate or expected.

Of one thing, you may be sure: it is always appropriate to send sympathy cards, or condolence cards, as they are sometimes called. Whether you know the mourner well or just in passing, whether you have met the deceased or never even knew the person existed, any one can empathize with the bereavement of fellow human beings. And, no one will resent, or even question, the “right” or reason of anyone who takes a moment to express condolences to them at such a difficult time and in such a personal way.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of sympathy cards from co-workers and business associates has felt the almost-amazing comfort of seeing and holding these, often-unexpected, condolence messages. Sympathy cards can be held and viewed repeatedly, whenever the need or want arises for these gentle strokes of comfort. They are reminders that our experiences and feelings are all bound together by our common humanity.

Your thoughtfulness in sending out sympathy cards will be noticed and will remain in the recipient’s emotion-memory, embedding positive feelings throughout your business relationship.