Company Condolence Cards - Greeting Card Etiquette

When you are contacting a customer, business associate or an employee during a time of bereavement, the primary rule of etiquette is to tastefully communicate your sympathies. Sending company condolence cards is an effective way to make your feelings known. Reaching out to the people you share a working relationship with is important during such difficult times.

Obviously, the relationship you have with the recipient will be important. When you are sending a sympathy card to an employee, you should make an effort to hand sign the card. A personal touch can make your card more meaningful. However, if you cannot always do that, you can order cards with a replica of your signature printed on the inside. This conveys a similar feeling to the hand signed card.

When sending company condolence cards to customers, you should make sure that you choose one that is not particularly religious in nature. Some of the traditional symbols for sympathy are quite beautiful: flowers, such as lilies and roses, and floral-filled vases are among some of the more popular designs. Whenever possible, just a line or two from you will make the gesture of sending a sympathy greeting card more memorable to your customer.

If the personalized sympathy greeting card is intended for a business associate, most of the former advice is the same. Since there is usually interaction between business associates, it may be possible for you to write a note with a more personal flavor. For instance, “I hope you and Mary will let me know if I can do anything for you.” Of course, these messages should be short and to the point, and made sincerely. If you are uncomfortable with adding a message, then do not; it is totally acceptable to just sign the card. Sending it is the most important thing.

In any business, communication is the essential element. Sending company condolence cards is not only the right thing to do, but it will also reinforce the ethics of compassion and empathy that any business owner should foster in business and company encounters.