Sending Sympathy Cards for Loss of a Pet

It is always appropriate to send sympathy cards to your friends or relatives to acknowledge the loss of a beloved pet. Your expression of sympathy will be most welcome to those who have experienced the loss. Your card can be an elegant, tasteful way of saying, “I’m sorry for your loss.” If the entire family was involved in the care of the pet, consider sending a second card to the children’s attention. Acknowledging their grief and their loss with a condolence card can validate many of the feelings they may be unable to express about the loss of their pet.

After the death of a pet, an owner can experience emotions that go beyond the loss of the physical presence of the animal, beyond missing the animal’s daily companionship. It is comforting for friends and family to offer consolation and understanding during such a difficult time.

Helplessness, guilt, and anger often accompany profound relief if the pet has suffered through a lengthy and debilitating illness. A sudden loss due to an accident can be especially difficult to accept because there was no time to say goodbye or possibly no time to come to terms with the loss. So if you are wondering if it is appropriate to send out sympathy cards when someone you know loses a pet the answer is quite simply – yes.