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Environmentally Friendly Cards

“Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a long and healthy life!” What more sincere way to express these sentiments than by sending environmentally friendly personal and business birthday cards? Bringing to mind the old adage, “Put your money where your mouth is,” they let you convey good wishes and also take action toward making those good wishes come true. Environmentally friendly actions not only help to keep our planet healthy, they also help to give each of us a healthier and longer life.

By using Windpower to produce the electricity for manufacturing our paper stocks, we’re conserving fossil fuels. This lessens the pollution of our air, land and water that occurs in the mining, processing, transportation and burning of coal, natural gas,petroleum oil and nuclear power. The Paper Made with Wind Power symbol, located on the back of many of our business and employee birthday cards, lets the recipient see your eco-friendly actions.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label tells recipients that you are concerned for the world’s forests and are taking action by supporting responsible forestry management and preservation. This international non-profit organization is backed by noted environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation and World Wildlife Fund. The practices of this organization also help to protect indigenous people in less prosperous countries and to save the natural climate controls that forests provide for our whole planet.

It doesn’t cost you a cent more to use our environmentally friendly business birthday cards and yet your Happy Birthday wishes never rang truer!