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Birthday Cards - Website Exclusive

Variety is the spice of life, so it’s great to have lots of choices when we want to express Happy Birthday wishes. The Gallery Collection has a number of glorious Birthday card designs that are shown exclusively on our website. Because they will never be seen on the greeting card rack in any store, and won’t even be seen in a greeting card catalog, you know that the beautiful birthday card you choose will be a fresh and festive surprise when it’s opened.

And, because it’s from The Gallery Collection, you know you are expressing your wishes in the best of taste and with the very best quality. Our personal and business birthday cards convey how highly you value your relationship with the birthday person, whether business associate, client, vendor, employee, friend or family member.

Choosing a different Website Exclusive birthday card each time lets you select the perfect, unique representation of who you are. Each time, you can choose a new greeting and a different printing color, demonstrating the truly thoughtful nature of your wishes. Even the fine quality of our envelopes, along with the impressive size of our business birthday cards and envelopes, creates a presentation of regal importance.

The “icing on the cake” is the fact that if you order enough birthday greeting cards you need only make this thoughtful choice once a year, saving yourself time as well as money, while relaying your extra-ordinary birthday salutations!