Gallery Collection

Ink and Foil Imprinting

We have earned our reputation as the premium source of personalized greeting cards through over 75 years of dedication to the art of card-making. Once you have chosen your card design be assured that the quality and artistry that is employed on the face of the card is carried through when your greeting choice and personal message is printed on the inside.

Our master printers hand-set the type for your personal messages in ink or foil. Your imprints are then pressed into your personal and business greeting cards using a small letter press. At The Gallery Collection, we take enormous pride in making sure that each and every order is a reflection of our high quality standards.

Your card price includes any one of our greetings and two lines of personalized imprint in red, black, green or blue ink. For just a little extra you can choose glowing foil in gold, silver, red, green, and blue. Many of our designs are accented with Gold or Silver foil so this is a favorite choice. And don't forget we can also add your logo or signature as part of your personalization. We will be happy to send you samples of our foil or ink imprinting, just ask!

You can also add your return address in ink or foil to add a touch of class to your Gallery Collection order. Envelope imprinting makes a great first impression. Plus, whether it's a business address or home address you will be eliminating a time consuming job, keeping people informed of your current address and enabling the USPS to return undeliverable cards so that you can update your records or address book.

Whether you choose to have your card and envelopes imprinted in blue, black red or green ink or rich gold silver, red, green, or blue foil, you can be sure that the message you convey is one of quality and fine craftsmanship. What better way to show your recipients how much you value your relationship?