Gallery Collection

Environmentally Friendly Holiday Cards

We all benefit by exploring new ways to preserve our planet for future generations. The Gallery Collection uses a variety of ecologically sound production methods to make Christmas cards that are truly Environmentally Friendly. Both you and the recipients of your beautiful business holiday cards can verify the ecological thoughtfulness of your selection by looking at the symbols proudly displayed on the backs of many of the environmentally friendly holiday greeting cards we offer. In addition to paper stocks formally labeled as Recycled (meaning they are made of prescribed percentages of pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste), we have a large number of personal and business Christmas card designs that proudly qualify for the following labeling:

The Paper Made from Windpower symbol lets you know that the electricity used to produce the paper stocks for our personal and business Christmas cards is created without the consumption and pollution of fossil fuels. Not only is wind an inexhaustible source of energy, it is also a source that generates electricity without polluting air, land or water. You will always feel proud of the premium quality of The Gallery Collection personal and business holiday cards you send. Now you can also feel proud of the choices you make to protect the present and future of planet Earth.