Recycled Paper Christmas Cards (499)

Take action on your concerns for our environment by choosing a Holiday greeting card that is printed using recycled paper. Gallery Collection designs use recycled paper in varying degrees of pre-consumer and post-consumer materials but you will always find their quality to be first-class.

According to the FTC, a manufacturer may label a paper produced as "Recycled" only if it contains 30% post-consumer waste. All of our envelopes meet this criterion without sacrificing any quality or elegance! Our inks are vegetable-based (not petroleum-based!) and our shipping boxes and materials are all made from recycled paper. Our paper stocks are 100% wind-power-produced and our own solar panel system powers our entire plant facility.

All these elements keep your breathing easy and your conscience clear as you send your best wishes for the holidays in an eco-friendly manner.

Choose the greeting that best expresses your message, or compose your own greeting. We can print your name, company name, your logo, and even your signature, for a definitive look that is uniquely yours.

Express your care and concern for those on your holiday list, as well as for the environment, with one of our recycled holiday greeting cards and Christmas cards.