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Windpower Christmas Cards

Eco-conscious corporations are showing their commitment to the environment by making long-term changes that sustain our planet’s resources. The use of windpower is quickly growing as a viable method of harnessing clean and renewable energy to benefit both the environment and a company’s bottom line. The result of this new source of energy has trickled down to a choice in the corporate Christmas cards and holiday cards your company may choose to send.

Wind has been harnessed for centuries for purposes such as sailing, flying kites and grinding grain. But in recent years, windpower has become more widely used to help counterbalance the harmful ecological effects of fossil fuel energy. If you’ve ever driven along a road through flat, open land, you may have seen what looked like very tall fans rotating in the sky. Those wind turbines capture and convert wind into electricity to meet the needs for families and businesses alike.

Windpower is an attractive source of energy for many reasons. Since it is processed without any pollution or emissions, wind is one of the cleanest forms of power. Unlike other forms of fossil fuel energy, windpower has a low impact on the environment. Along with the facts that wind is safe, affordable and an abundant natural resource, harnessing the power of wind is a cost-effective and socially responsible decision for many companies.

The Gallery Collection has invested in wind-powered energy to produce the paper stock used for many of our business Christmas cards and holiday cards. In addition, the envelopes that accompany every one of our card orders are products of windpower. Whenever you select one of our windpower-produced card designs, you can be confident that your corporate Christmas Cards purchase will contribute to an environmentally responsible practice.