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Ornament Christmas Cards

Our selection of ornament Christmas cards is sure to stand out from any other selection of holiday cards. These elegant designs with lovely accented ornaments are guaranteed to steal the spotlight!

For many years, it is has been a great tradition to send and receive holiday Christmas cards. But on the other hand, it was not always a tradition to decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments such as the ones we use today.

In the Middle Ages, Martin Luther started the tradition of decorating the trees with candles. He wanted to capture the same shine he observed when he saw the sun reflect off the snow laden branches.

In the early 1880’s most people still trimmed their trees with ribbons and bows or cookies and candies. The wealthier people and a lucky few also had some glass ornaments.

In 1890 an entrepreneur, A.F.W. Woolworth gave rebirth to the art of hand blown glass ornaments. He was able to make them accessible to all. Since then they have become universally popular.

The Gallery Collection has brought a life and beauty to these ornament Christmas card designs that could only be imagined in the past. Whether you are looking to send company Christmas cards or simply personalized holiday designs featuring your family name, you'll be sure to find something spectacular in our selection.

You will be pleased to discover the elegant deep embossing on our personalized Christmas holiday cards, which is enhanced with gold and silver foil and combined with vibrant colors. The designs range from simple and exuberant to classic and serene. We believe that we have one of the most comprehensive collections of Christmas card designs that are suitable for a wide range of people.