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Peace on Earth Holiday Cards

The most universal wish at this, or any other time of year, is “Peace on Earth.” The sentiment is timeless, but especially comes to mind as the beginning of a new calendar year approaches. Sending personalized Christmas Cards depicting Peace on Earth card from The Gallery Collection to your clients and business associates conveys your true wish for the holiday season and New Year.

The message of Peace is always “politically correct” and all-inclusive; it leaves out no nationality, ethnic group, or ideology. These holiday cards are perfect for both corporate and personal use.

As the calendar year advances toward its conclusion, and especially as our American holiday of Thanksgiving reminds us, we tend to take stock of the past year. We are more likely to pause in our hectic activities to ask what we have done this year to better our world. We also question what we might do in the New Year to make the planet, and our little piece of it, a finer place in which to live and thrive. Sending wishes for Peace on Earth with a Christmas card is an excellent beginning.

Choose a single white dove, the internationally recognized symbol for the word “Peace.” Or, choose an entire wreath of doves!

Choose a wreath made of flags from many nations, or ornaments reflecting the flags of many nations. You can also choose from ornament designs that reflect the globe of our planet earth.

Or, reflect your patriotism in your personalized Christmas holiday cards with ornaments based on the stars and stripes or with a dove flying over the backdrop of our nation’s flag.

Express your love of nature or your environmental concerns, with the peaceful kingdom of the lion and the lamb, or with polar bears cuddled in clean snow. Show your love of history with a detailed, 17th century, golden Novus Atlas. Express your literary nature with a tree formed of words or a box of holiday wishes, beginning with the word “Peace.”

Or, go to the heart of Christmas with religious themed Christmas cards expressing Peace with angels, magi, shepherds, or a holy nativity scene.

There is no wrong way to wish for Peace on Earth.