About the Winner


Abigail Gilger
Blacklick, OH
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Abigail is currently a home school student in her junior year of high school.

With a few college visits on the calendar Abigail is exploring her college and career options before making a final decision. Some of the options she is interested in studying include interior design, art, and communications. "What I do know is that my goal in going to college is to get an education that equips me to pursue a career I enjoy doing, and this contest has been a blessing in helping me achieve that goal!" When Abigail found out that she had won the scholarship "My mom and I started screaming and hugging. I couldn’t believe it! My little sister and dad came rushing in and wanted to know what in the world was going on. We told them and they started celebrating with us. I was in utter shock. Never in a million years did I think this would happen to me. It was such a rewarding feeling to know that my hard work had paid off, and not just the work I put into this painting, but all the art I’ve done over years that had led up to this. I am still in disbelief and gratitude."