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Congratulations Cards

I am proud of you, happy that I know you, and I want you to know I feel that way. Those are the reasons to send congratulations cards.

Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t want to hear these sentiments? When one has worked hard to reach a goal, even though they may not have done that work for the sake of recognition, a pat on the back shows the realization that extra effort has been exerted.

In business, it simply makes sense to encourage and recognize employees or customers when goals are accomplished. The traditional workplace philosophy, “That’s what they are being paid for” simply does not reflect an enlightened outlook. Many knowledgeable business people have discovered the value of showing appreciation. It may be a way of saying that you are aware that your recipient has been associated with you for a good number of years, or that they have done an outstanding job in a certain area. Oddly enough, the event can turn out to be second to the fact that you were astute enough to demonstrate your admiration with something tangible.

In today’s world, the custom of saying Congratulations has become as important as that of expressing thanks. A note or signature on a card takes only a few minutes. The return on this tiny investment can be immeasurable.

It’s important. It’s easy. It’s rewarding.