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Personal Birthday Cards

Because most people do not receive truckloads of Birthday cards on their special day, they can’t help but remember those thoughtful enough to send them a personal birthday card. Whether sent by a long-time friend, a caring neighbor, a faithful vendor or a new business associate, a personalized birthday card is warmly welcomed and remembered.

Our Gallery Collection personalized Birthday cards are designed in an array of tasteful styles, all of premium quality. Because you choose your own design, your own greeting, your own personalization and printing color, the birthday greeting cards you send are uniquely yours. You can express your own personal style with colorful balloons, brightly wrapped packages, soaring stars, sparkling streamers and confetti, or jazzy cakes and candles.

By keeping an ample supply of greeting cards on hand, it takes only a glance to the calendar or a moment’s notice to send off Happy Birthday greetings, without delay and without having to schedule time for a shopping trip in your busy schedule.

Having your personalized imprint on greeting cards and envelopes is a time-saver that adds an extra touch of elegance to your presentation. And, if you want to be truly memorable, take a moment to jot a handwritten salutation with the Birthday person’s name, and perhaps a cheery word or two. If you are sending to a corporate client, hand signing your own name will make your personal warmth and sincerity stand out above the pack.

Imagine the unexpected delight when your very personal birthday card is received: first, at your remarkable thoughtfulness, and ultimately, in the beauty and quality of your greeting card choice!

No one will ever suspect how easy and economical it is for you to be so thoughtful because Gallery Collection personalized birthday cards are made of the finest quality paper stocks, with deeply sculpted embossing, shimmering foils, richly brilliant colors, and unique copyrighted designs found nowhere else.