Gallery Collection

Pet/Animal Cards

Holiday cards with animals are globally appealing and are appropriate to send to anyone on your greeting card list. Polar Bear Christmas cards and Penguin Christmas cards are immediately recognizable themes for the holiday season. We can read so much expression into their facial and body language that they ‘speak’ to us without words.

The Gallery Collection also has Christmas cards with birds, both perched and in flight, deer and horses standing and prancing. You may even spy the occasional dog or cat, bunny or butterfly within our picturesque designs. Whether viewed in nature or in a more domestic setting, animals add warmth to your holiday greetings.

Christmas cards with animals project an ecological positivity, especially poignant in polar bear Christmas cards. They remind us that these precious creatures benefit from our protection and support.

Whatever your style preference, our Christmas cards with wildlife and animals are produced on the finest paper stocks, with great attention to detail and attractive display. You can find photographic or artist-rendered animals shown in everyday moments, in tender family tableaus, or engaged in whimsical activities.

Choosing holiday cards with an animal motif says something very nice about you and gives a positive lilt to your cheerful wishes and good will to all.