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Die-Cut Holiday Cards

Put your company name into the picture! Our beautiful die cuts Christmas cards and die cut business Thanksgiving cards showcase your company name, printed on the inside below your greeting, to also be viewed from the outside. Your company name, and/or your personal name, will immediately be seen when your company holiday card is removed from its envelope.

When the recipients open their personalized business Christmas cards, they will see the greeting you have chosen and one or two lines of personalized imprint that showed through the die cut window. When they proudly display the unique design you have chosen to send, everyone will readily see your name and note your warm thoughts and sophisticated style.

Your clients, employees, friends and family will know you put thought into your selection. Your image will instantly register as professional, not just run-of-the-mill.

With your name read at least twice by each recipient, you get extra value for your investment. You will be imprinting, not only in your company Christmas holiday cards but, in the minds of those who read your name. Bordered in a “marquee” setting, your company name will stand out and be remembered.

When you choose any one of these die cut designs, you may be confident of the polished image you’re presenting, and in the knowledge that those who receive your business Christmas cards will feel honored by your thoughtfulness.