Greeting Cards, Presentation Folders, and Business Cards to Help Your Non-Profit Outreach Efforts

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders
$1.05 - $5.00 (per folder)
Both beautiful and economical the quality of our folders will impress your donors and sponsors. Perfect for holding mission statements and organizing crucial promotional materials that help sustain your charity for years to come.

Non-Profit Business Cards

Business Cards
$0.26 - $0.51 (per card)
A must have and key component to spreading the word about who you are and the cause you are helping. Your cards are the best way to share contact information in every situation where face-to-face interaction is so important.

Non-Profit Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards
$1.07 - $2.92 (per card)
Sending a Thank You card is easy, genuine and lasting. Whether thanking a client for a referral or keeping in touch with the people in your network, it only takes a few minutes to jot a quick note.

Business Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards
$1.11 - $3.00 (per card)
In a world where helping each other means so much, the holidays are a perfect time to spread your message of hope and goodwill. Take a moment this festive holiday season to give back with a personalized greeting card for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year.

Custom Photo Mounts

Custom Photo Mounts
$1.21 - $2.65 (per card)
Spread the word about your nonprofit with a photo card that can tell a story, grab attention, and pull at heartstrings. Engage with the community about the good being done by showing off the smiles of volunteers and beneficiaries.


$0.66 - $2.46 (per card)
Showcase your organization's impact by hosting a gala fundraiser or charity dinner. Use unique invitations to announce special events honoring your donor base and giving attendees a chance to meet your team and build new partnerships.