May 2009

What to Write in your Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on May 26, 2009

I have sent many sympathy cards, too many as far as I am concerned, but that is a part of life. Each time I sit down to convey my condolences I get stumped, so I let a nicely imprinted sympathy card help so that my message can be short. When composing your message, keep in […]


Elegant Business Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on May 22, 2009

Sending a sympathy card is a difficult task, especially if it is for someone who was close to you. Business sympathy cards, like design #019AT, With Deepest Sympathy Card, gives one comfort in knowing you are sending a distinctive, well made greeting card. The details in this card are remarkable; each time I see it, […]

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When I was a youngster my mother, God rest her soul, tried valiantly to get me to read the personalized birthday cards that came with my birthday presents. She actually wanted me to take the time to open and read the cards before tearing off the wrapping paper!! What century was she born in? Later, […]


Below are the 15 entries that merited honorable mentions. Visit the finalists page to read the entries submitted by the 5 Write-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest finalists. Greetings Mr. Obama, from Ocean City, New Jersey! Today, April 22, 2009, I woke up and put on my “Threads for Thought” t-shirt. I changed my Facebook status to, “Happy […]


Congratulations to Dominique Pankey of Appomattox, Virginia! She is the winner of the The Gallery Collection’s 1st Annual Write-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest and will experience the adventure of a lifetime by joining the “Foxtrot” fleet for Sail Caribbean’s marine-based environmental service program in the Caribbean. Below is the message that Dominique wrote to President Obama: Dear […]


I am on the scholarship committee, and I have seen things that make me wonder why anyone would enter a contest when they have no chance of winning. Now, that is a very negative thought to have, but really people! Here are a few tips that will increase your chances of having your entry considered. […]


I enjoy reading funny, clever greeting cards when I have the time, like when I’m waiting for a prescription to be filled. It passes the time while amusing me. Once in awhile, I discover a card with the perfect wit for a particular friend. Sending this card to someone who knows me well, on a […]

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Environmentally friendly thank you cards are the wave of the future and I am proud to work for a company that cares enough to produce them. We use paper that is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council); it is a bit more expensive but worth the price to protect the earth for future generations. […]

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