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Tips on Surviving the First Day on the Job

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You finally get the call. After 3 intense interviews, you’ve been hired. You’re excited, but the feeling soon wears off because it’s replaced with first day jitters. Fear not, because your first day checklist will provide tips on surviving the first day on the job. Assuming that you start on Monday, you will go to […]


Sending Retirement Cards To Employees

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After an employee retires, one of the first things you should do is send them a retirement card. The Gallery Collection offers retirement cards perfect for any office. A favorite is The Gallery Collection’s Retirement Bliss Card. This card oozes relaxation! It harkens to the possibility of the kind of rest—and fun—your former employee could […]


Is Your Current Career Field Right For You?

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I’m sure we all grew up hoping to find our dream job. However, as we approach the “career stage” of our lives, many of us tend to struggle defining exactly what our dream job would be. It’s probably because life and all of its responsibilities bombard us before we can even experience the “I love […]


First and foremost. Staying hydrated is the most important thing when working long hours. You will feel drastically better if you take sips of water every so often. This will keep you from feeling bloated and full, help you avoid running to the bathroom every 15 minutes, and you won’t feel as light-headed. Staying hydrated […]


How to Make New Employees Feel Welcome

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We’ve all gone through the horrible experience of being the new kid or new employee. It’s one of the most anxiety filled experiences of anyone’s life. We all know how it felt to be coming into a whole new working environment and not knowing anybody. Here are three simple ways to make a new employee […]


Office Birthday Party Supply Recommendations

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Happy Birthday! I have been selected to lead the Employee Birthday festivities at my company. This is so my thing. I was so excited until I realized all it entails. The first celebration came and I was so unorganized. I spent way too much money from our budget and knew that I could not do […]


Guide to Performing an Effective Job Search

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Searching for a job can be a stressful activity. How can you be sure you are doing enough to land the job of your dreams? Follow these tips and you are sure to perform an effective job search. You should start by taking a look inward and ask yourself tough questions about what you are […]


3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is an incredibly important holiday, yet it seems to fly under everyone’s radar year after year. It’s about time we acknowledge the damages being done to our planet, and find ways to make it better. Be sure to celebrate Earth Day the right way the next time April 22nd rolls around! Here are […]


Appropriate April Fool’s Pranks at the Office

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I guess the word to adhere to is “Appropriate.” We can all think of pranks that would be totally unacceptable for your place of work, whether it’s an office or not. So let’s not go there. One fun prank that works, but doesn’t hurt your co-workers, is the “fake cast.” It’s great if you like […]


6 Skills You Must Have to be Successful in Corporate America

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  The ultimate achievement of success in business, is truly displayed when you are in fact the boss. A managerial or ownership position certainly has its perks and rewards; however the path towards this achievement is a merciless trudge where only the strong survive. Having the key fundamentals in business will only make the process […]