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How To Create Business Holiday Photo Cards

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It can seem complicated to create your own Business Christmas Photo Cards to send to clients and correspondents this holiday season. But, don’t be overwhelmed. Here’s how you can easily navigate The Gallery Collection’s vast selection of templates and design your own Holiday Card! There are 100+ Christmas Photo Card design options available. Once you find […]


How Should I Mail My Christmas Cards

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So here I am in November, preparing to order my Christmas Cards to send to our clients. I’ve chosen the beautiful Glowing Holiday Forest Card (shown above) with customizations to include our logo in a luxurious Gold Foil. While very satisfied with the choice of card and personalization, the final challenge I face is how […]

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How to Pick This Year’s Company Holiday Card

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You want to impress your boss, but boy is it a lot of pressure to make a decision for the whole company. Sure, it’s only a card. A card that will be given to every client, personal contact of your boss, as well as the whole company’s staff! When you are faced with a decision […]

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What Should I Write On My Christmas Cards?

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If you are overwhelmed by the idea of picking your Christmas cards, let alone what to say in them, you’ve come to the right place. Here are tips to help get you Ho-Ho-Holiday ready in no time. You want to send out a card that is appropriate for your intended audience but that also matches […]


Snapping the Perfect Picture for Your Christmas Cards

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It can be a lot of pressure to create the perfect Christmas card each year—especially when your family decides to try a Christmas Photo card! Here are some helpful tips to capture the perfect image for the perfect cards! -Pay attention to the size of the photo, as many Christmas Photo card creators require a […]


Brand The Holidays

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There is no place like home for the holidays. And why not make sure your company name and logo is in everyone’s home? Design Your Own holiday card and send it out to all your perspective clients, your employees and vendors. With a little in house graphical work you can really create something magical. Your […]


Product Highlight – Custom Photo Mounts

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When the Holiday season comes around, it is essential to pick the perfect card, border, or background. But, you might find yourself unable to choose one after scrolling through thousands of design options. If you fall under this category, don’t worry! You could simply create your own design using the new Custom Photo Mount cards […]


Last year for the Holiday season I received a great Christmas card from one of the companies I have done business with in the past.  The card was a sturdy one with a really great picture on the front of all the employees with these great happy smiles! It made me think about the fact […]


Why You Should Send Personal Photo Cards

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Before I started a family, I admit that I rarely sent out Christmas cards. I loved receiving them though.  Once I was married and my two children were born, I could not wait to start choosing a holiday card to send out. Personal photo cards became my cards of choice. I think there are many […]


Animal Holiday Cards – A Welcome Inspiration

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As you choose your personalized Christmas cards, it can be surprising what will resonate with you. Read about how one person’s encounter with nature inspired her to think about sending Holiday cards with animals.